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The Kurdish Referendum Started to Destabilize The Region More

By Ali Cinar - There’s a reason why Turkey, the United States, the United Nations and many western countries were against the Kurdish referendum that has been proposed on Kurdish independence. The answer is because it was bad idea that would cause chaos rather than peace and bring regional instability to the region, at a time when the world at large and the countries in the region are facing problems and tough choices with the situations in Syria as well as Iraq.

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Why Incirlik Base is Important for U.S.?

By Ali Cinar - There is still tension going on between U.S. and Turkey. Especially, extradition of Gulen and YPG-PYD issues are the most important items that need to be resolved. Secretary Mattis was recently in Turkey to meet high level officials in order to keep a healthy relationship.From a military standpoint, Incirlik Base is very important for U.S. and NATO. Unfortunately some Turkish Groups and media is doing a bad campaign to be Incirlik shut down.Doesnt have U.S. a back up plan? Of Course! But there is no point for Turkey to shut down the base.

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Wise Move: Buy Mistrals to Shape Geopolitical Cloud

By Altan Ergun*  - The situation in Ukraine continues to escalate with incursion of Russia and greater show of force between NATO and Russia is becoming prominent part of the conflict which includes economic warfare as well.  However these tensions are also presenting opportunities for Turkey that should be seized in the best interest of its national security and military needs. In recent days, France halted shipment of two Mistral ships to Russia. The Mistral assault ships can carry up to 16 heavy helicopters, land troops and armored vehicles. They were part a plan that called for modernization of the Russian army.  The deal was for the two Mistral-class amphibious assault ships and price tag was about 1.2 Billion Euros. The cancelation of the deal and delivery between French and Russia represents a great opportunity for Turkey.

New York City Has Certainly Changed Over The Years

By Ali Cinar - The full 2016 NYPD Crime statistics news conference was held on Wednesday at the Brooklyn Museum, where NYPD set up a display of photographs contrasting a 1980s and 1990s New York -- subway cars bearing graffiti and tent camps in Central Park with clean, colorful photos of today. NYPD,NYC Mayor Office and Community Partners in the Brooklyn Museum highlighted decades of hard work thats made New York City is so safe, NYC Mayor Blasio and NYPD Commissioner also gave many examples on how NYC become safe with the hard work of NYPD Officials and  Community's Partnership.

KAGIDER's Clear Goal: Until 2025, 50.000 Women Will Become Entrepreneurs

By Jimmy Cuneyt Gurkan - Founded in Istanbul in September 2002 by 37 successful women entrepreneurs, KAGIDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey) is a nation-wide, non-profit civil society organization. Its mission is developing entrepreneurship among women to strengthen their status economically and socially. Sanem Oktar, KAGIDER President, talked to TURKOFAMERICA about the organization’s future and its projects.  

The Future Is Bright More Than Your Expectation

As far as I know, we, TurkofAmerica, are the only Turkish-American publication that having ranks for influential Turkish-American role models from women to young people, from doctors to lawyers. The 50 Most Influential Turkish-Americans and the 30 Most Influential Turkish-American Women lists were our latest ranks which we worked very hard to create.   On this issue, we hope that you will enjoy to read, we have 40 most influential Turkish-American under 40 years old. From Silicon Valley to New York finance world, TURKOFAMERICA highlights the untold success stories of young leaders of American society.

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