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Has Turkey Lost Its Luster for Luxury Brands?

ImageDEC (NYT) Stellar growth in once white-hot emerging markets appears to have gone out of fashion for much of the luxury sector. Sales in China have slowed in line with its cooling economy, while stagnating demand in Russia and Brazil continues to take its toll. Now in Turkey — a country that physically and culturally straddles East and West with one of the industry’s fastest-growing markets and a young and booming middle class — luxury heavyweights who invested there recently may be taking stock.
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TET Amerika'da 150 Milyon Dolarlik Is Baglantisi Yapti

Image Elektrik Elektronik ve Hizmet İhracatçıları Birliği (TET) desteğiyle oluşturulan yazılım sektörü ticaret heyeti, ABD'ye gerçekleştirdiği ziyaret kapsamında 150 milyon dolarlık iş bağlantısı kurdu. Washingon, DC'deki ikili görüşmeleri New York merkezli TOA Consulting firmasının yaptığı toplantılarda, Türkiye'nin yazılım potansiyeli Amerikalı firmalara tanıtıldı. TET açıklamasına göre Birlik, Ekonomi Bakanlığı'nın Uluslararası Rekabetin Geliştirilmesi (UR-GE) Tebliği teşvikleri kapsamında hayata geçirdiği Yazılım Yurtdışı Pazarlama Takımı (Tetsoft) projesiyle yeni pazarlara açılmanın yolları arıyor.

Kenan Evren, Leader of Turkey's 1980 military Coup and Former President, Dies

General Kenan Evren in 1977. Photograph: -/AFP/Getty Images
Kenan Evren, the general who led Turkey's 1980 military coup that ended years of street clashes between rival left- and right-wing militias but also unleashed a wave of arrests, torture and extrajudicial killings, died on Saturday. He was 97. Evren, who later ruled as president for seven years, died at Ankara?s GATA military hospital, the state-run Anadolu agency reported, hours after he was placed on a respirator because of multiple organ failure and his family and lawyers were called to his side.

Turkey, UN Sign $10m Forestry Deal

Image Turkey and the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at supporting forestry in the Balkan and African countries. Turkey’s Forestry and Water Affairs Minister Veysel Eroglu and FAO Director General Jose Graziano da Silva signed the deal, which will provide $10 million for supporting forestry and controlling soil erosion and desertification, at Turkey’s Forestry and Water Affairs Ministry in Ankara on Wednesday.
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