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The World is On the Tip of His Brush

Turkey has not sent only unskilled workers to Europe, even if the stereotype image of the Turk is that of an immigrant worker doing manual labor. Mehmet Guler is one of our painters esteemed for his career and works of art. He has displayed his canvases at exhibitions, biennials, and museums all around the world.

Doctor of Music

Since last year music enthusiasts in Boston have been able to enjoy themselves at a variety of music concerts, ranging from arabesque to Sufi music, from Anatolian rock to the songs of the famous minstrel Asik Veysel, from jazz to Turkish Art Music.

Seeking a Sponsor for a Movie about the Real Turkey

Aram Gulyuz is a scenarist, director, and producer who has created many TV serials, movies and TV programs that have been watched by millions in Turkey. His first movie was Sensiz Yıllar (Years without You), which he shot in 1960. So far Gulyuz has directed 154 films, produced 42 others and written 25 scenarios.

ATAA Condemns the Cowardly Terrorist Attacks Against Turkish Nation

The Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA) strongly condemns the continued terrorist attacks by the Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization PKK against Turkish nation. In latest PKK terror attacks, including two car bombings targeting police stations in Elazig and Van, and another remotely-detonated car bomb aimed at a military vehicle carrying soldiers in Bitlis, at least 14 people were killed and more than 280 wounded.  PKK has been waging war against Turkish nation for the last 30 years, which has claimed more than 40 thousand lives so far. The deadly wave of attacks targets not only Turkey's security forces but also civilians constituting the ultimate crime against humanity.
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