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The Turkish Staff of World Bank and IMF Joined Forces

Demet Cabbar – Washington, D.C. -
It was a cold winter afternoon in Washington, DC.  Thousands of World Bank and IMF Staff members had gathered at the Atrium of the World Bank headquarters to see performances from around the world and to celebrate the cultural diversity of the staffs in these organizations.

The Knight of TABA-AmCham

Ugur Terzioğlu was awarded the “Cavaliere Della Rebubblica Italiana” medal in 2005. In addition to Italy, the French government also awarded him the “Chevalier De L’ordre” decoration. Uğur Terzioğlu also is the only person to have served as TABA-AmCham President for two terms.

American-Turks Organize on Political Arena

Two new organizations started operations this year to help promote Turkish American interests in the US—one in fostering Turkish American issues through public education and the other through engagement in the US political arena. 
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