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Heavy Snorers Are In His Hands

Cologne, Germany- One hundred twenty-five students graduated from Istanbul University's Çapa Medical School in 1977. Of those 125, 17 graduates went to Germany and 12 eventually returned to Turkey. In the years when Turkey's right-left political divide began to grow stronger and more dangerous, Fahri Yıldız decided to stay in Germany following the unfortunate death of a friend in that conflict. 

The Man Who Couldn't Buy Farm Equipment

He was a farmer working in Aksaray in the early 1970s, dreaming of the proper farming equipment he needed to better harvest his fields. He gave the money he had saved to his son Ahmet Aktaş, who was setting off for Europe in order to buy a threshing machine for his father's farm. Having just finished his military service and with his father's money in his pocket, Aktaş arrived in Europe.

A 41-Year Business Life, Full of Grit and Tenacity

Frankfurt , Germany– One of the first Turkish entrepreneurs to enter the German trade world is Hilmi Selçuk. Although his business life has been full of ups and downs, he has been at the forefront of many innovations. He has been an inspiration to up-and-coming businessmen. He has seen it all.

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