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Loan for the American Dream

Buying a home is an important part of the American dream. Increase in the number of homebuyers in recent years indicates that many people are realizing the American dream. In 2003, 700 thousand people bought homes in the US. As of August 2004, the ratio of people owning their homes is estimated at 69.2 percent. 

Keys to Success: Quality and Price

In 2003, total product and service imports to the US reached $1.5 trillion. China accounts for $152.3 billion, which is higher than the gross domestic product of Turkey ($146.7 billion). In other words, China exports more products and services to the US than Turkey produces in a given year. Turkish product and service exports to the US is $3.7 billion. In textile, China is the largest single exporter to the US market.  

Placing Signatures on Five Continents

New York City’s skyscrapers offer a spectacular view to the city viewers. Even if you walk down the Manhattan streets every day, you cannot help yourself but admire buildings laddering high into the sky. Building a skyscraper in NYC means leaving a permanent impression on the city’s architecture.

Turkish Nobel Laureate Aziz Sancar to Meet Gifted Children and Their Families

Image The All Gifted People Association (TÜZDER) brings gifted children, their parents and educators together as part of Genius and Gifted People Day with its motto: "Geniuses are included." The event will take place at Yıldız Technical University's Davut Paşa Campus Congress and Cultural Center on May 22 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Nobel Prize laureate Professor Aziz Sancar will attend the event as the guest of honor.
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