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Image Monday, 29 March 2010 - Ali Cinar - New York - Türk Dostluk Grubu üyesi New York Milletvekili ve Temsilciler Meclisi Dış İlişkiler Komite Üyesi Michael McMahon, New York’ta Türk toplumu ile bir araya geldi. Ali Baba Teras restoranında yapılan programda konuşma yapan McMahon, Türk-Amerikan ilişkilerine çok önem verdiğini ve sözde Ermeni soykırımı konusunda Dış İlişkiler komisyonuna gelen tasarıya hayır oyu verdiğini hatırlattı.

Türkiye'nin ABD'nin en iyi müttefiklerinden ve dost ülkelerden biri olduğunu belirten McMahon, Türkiye’nin Kore savaşındaki desteğinin asla unutulamayacağını belirtti. "Bulunduğum bölgede sizlerin desteğine ihtiyacım var," diyen McMahon’a, program sonunda ufak bir sürpriz yapıldı. McMahon’a, Lenny Prince tarafından Staten Island’ın sembollerinden olan ufak bir metal gemi takdim edildi

US Think Tank Honors Turkish Business Professional

A U.S. think tank has honored Muhtar Kent, the Turkish American chairman and chief executive of Coca Cola, with a distinguished business leadership award.

The Atlantic Council presented on Tuesday its Distinguished Business Leadership Award to Chairman of the Board and CEO of Coca-Cola Muhtar Kent for the role he has played at one of the world's most respected global and philanthropic companies and throughout a career that included crucial jobs during the transition to free markets in the former Soviet bloc.

Adm. James G. Stravridis, the NATO supreme allied commander for Europe, received the Distinguished Military Leadership Award for the role he has played in service and commitment to the security and promotion of the transatlantic alliance.

The Distinguished Artistic Leadership Award was given to leading tenor, Placido Domingo, whose music and humanitarian accomplishments have resonated around the globe.

On Tuesday, the Atlantic Council hosted its Annual Awards Dinner, which launched the council's 50th anniversary celebrations.

The Atlantic Council promotes constructive U.S. leadership and engagement in international affairs based on the central role of the Atlantic community in meeting the international challenges of the 21st century. The council embodies a non-partisan network of leaders who aim to bring ideas to power and to give power to ideas by: stimulating dialogue and discussion about critical international issues with a view to enriching public debate and promoting consensus on appropriate responses in the administration, the congress, the corporate and nonprofit sectors, and the media in the United States and among leaders in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas; conducting educational and exchange programs for successor generations of U.S. leaders so that they will come to value U.S. international engagement and have the knowledge and understanding necessary to develop effective policies.

Turkey Went through Unbelievable and Great Changes in the Last 20 Years, Cenk Uygur Says

Image WASHINGTON (A.A) - An anchorman of the U.S. TV station MSNBC and founder of the world's biggest online news program "The Young Turks", Cenk Uygur, said Wednesday that Turkey went through unbelievable and great changes in the last 20 years.
Uygur participated in the Turkish-American National Leadership Conference that took place in U.S. capital of Washington last week.
In an exclusive interview with the AA on Wednesday, Cenk Uygur said that giant shopping malls stood in Istanbul currently where he used to ride his bike as a child.
The developments in Turkey are simply unbelievable. Turkey's economy is growing enermously. Turkey is one of the biggest 20 economies of the world and it continues to grow. Turkey seems to be the center of foreign investments in the world. I can not tell you how fascinating it is to see such a development in Turkey, Uygur said.

New York Life Agent Turkic Rahmonov Named Lives Protected Champion

Image NEW YORK, NY – Dilshodjon Rahmonov from the Manhattan General Office of New York Life Insurance Company was recently named a Lives Protected Champion.  This recognition is attained by agents who in the 4th quarter of 2010 helped protect the most families in their communities with life insurance. Four hundred agents out of more than 11,800 licensed New York Life agents across the country were recognized for assisting the greatest number of policyholders with exceptional life insurance sales productivity.  Mr. Rahmonov, was named the top Lives Protected Champion among “new to the organization” or “new org” agents, who are agents in the business for less than five years.
With more than 40 percent of American households reporting they need more life insurance* – the highest level ever reported – the demand for professional agents in local communities across the country has never been greater.
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