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Giant Little Man

He consumes 12 egg whites for breakfast and 12 ounces of chicken for lunch. He has six meals a day and drinks six liters of water. He tries to keep in shape by exercising three times a day. 

Bringing Hollywood to Turkey from Miami

With an annual turnover of 150 million dollars, in the Turkish film sector there is a fierce competition among the film distributors. Established in 1992 by a young entrepreneur Pamir Demirtas, Pinema is one of the major players in the sector. Distributing about 1000 films until today Pinema also distributed Alexander movie by Oliver Stone.

Clothing the Owners of Sears Tower

Nisantasi Tesvikiye Avenue, where high society gathers, is roughly the Fifth Avenue of Istanbul. The avenue is a little noisy due to constant traffic, but the store displays are lively enough to make it bearable. Nowadays, even the pavements are blanketed with the barrage of ads.

You May Now Kiss the Bride

First comes the proposal with a glamorous ring...  The next episode is full of gossiping about how you received the proposal... Nevertheless, after a short all the attention will be gathered around the ring!
After all the sweetest part knocks the door. The wedding planning... Is this really lovable as it is mentioned?
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