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About The Natural Stone Sector In The United States

Hasan Kürşad Devecioğlu*
The construction and natural stone sector ranks as one of the sectors that has been hit the hardest by the financial crisis that we are living through in the United States. All natural stone suppliers and producers are feeling the stagnancy within the natural stone sector.

Your Top 10 Keys to Success in the U.S. Textile Market

By Janet Ekstract
It is widely known that the textile business encompasses a vast array of sectors - from towels to blue jeans. What is even more heartening is that there is limitless potential for Turkish business people who want to create their niche in the U.S. textile market.

The Secrets to Making Your Way in the Marble Market

By Hasan Kürşad Devecioğlu
Turkish firms are very visible in the US marble and natural stone markets. Home to almost half of the world's natural stone reserves, Turkey is an active player in the US market. In addition to the Turkish firms already established in the US, every year new Turkish firms attempt to find success in the market.

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