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Turkey Went through Unbelievable and Great Changes in the Last 20 Years, Cenk Uygur Says

Image WASHINGTON (A.A) - An anchorman of the U.S. TV station MSNBC and founder of the world's biggest online news program "The Young Turks", Cenk Uygur, said Wednesday that Turkey went through unbelievable and great changes in the last 20 years.
Uygur participated in the Turkish-American National Leadership Conference that took place in U.S. capital of Washington last week.
In an exclusive interview with the AA on Wednesday, Cenk Uygur said that giant shopping malls stood in Istanbul currently where he used to ride his bike as a child.
The developments in Turkey are simply unbelievable. Turkey's economy is growing enermously. Turkey is one of the biggest 20 economies of the world and it continues to grow. Turkey seems to be the center of foreign investments in the world. I can not tell you how fascinating it is to see such a development in Turkey, Uygur said.

New York Life Agent Turkic Rahmonov Named Lives Protected Champion

Image NEW YORK, NY – Dilshodjon Rahmonov from the Manhattan General Office of New York Life Insurance Company was recently named a Lives Protected Champion.  This recognition is attained by agents who in the 4th quarter of 2010 helped protect the most families in their communities with life insurance. Four hundred agents out of more than 11,800 licensed New York Life agents across the country were recognized for assisting the greatest number of policyholders with exceptional life insurance sales productivity.  Mr. Rahmonov, was named the top Lives Protected Champion among “new to the organization” or “new org” agents, who are agents in the business for less than five years.
With more than 40 percent of American households reporting they need more life insurance* – the highest level ever reported – the demand for professional agents in local communities across the country has never been greater.

OpenSecrets.org Announces Winners of 2011 Money-in-Politics Oscars

Image The turbulent world of political influence may lack the glitz, glamour and cameras of Sunday's 83rd annual Academy Awards. But the paparazzi may yet be intrigued by a collection of eye-popping, eyebrow-raising political contributions from Hollywood royalty that'd make John Boehner turn a new shade of red and Barack Obama see green.  The 2nd annual OpenSecrets.org Money-in-Politics Oscars return today to bestow awards on Academy Awards nominees who best emblematize the cozy relationship between the cinematic and political elite.

The big six Academy Awards are best picture, best director, best lead actor, best lead actress, best supporting actor and best supporting actress. Of the various individuals up for those awards, 19 of them have contributed to politicians, political parties, political action committees and 527 organizations since the 1990 election cycle, the Center for Responsive Politics finds.

And they aren't very friendly to Republicans.

Of the more than $1.3 million of hard money donated by this particular cast -- contributions to candidates, parties or PACs -- more than $1.24 million benefitted Democrats. Among contributions that had identifiable partisan identification, 99 percent supported the Democratic Party, candidates and PACs.

Frank Ahmed, Foreign Service Officer Dies

ImageFrank Ahmed, 86, a retired Foreign Service officer with the State Department, died Jan. 21 of cardiac arrest at his home in Fairfax City. Mr. Ahmed joined the Foreign Service in 1953 and had early overseas assignments in Iran and Iraq. In 1967, he and his family were evacuated from Jordan during the Arab-Israeli Six-Day War. After returning from his final overseas posting to Turkey in 1971, Mr. Ahmed served as a consultant to the State Department until 2009.
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