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Turks in California

The greatest number of Turkish people have settled in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego County.
From the beginning of Turkish immigration to the United States, many Turks have settled in or around large urban centers. According to the 2000 US census, there are 117,575 Americans (and to 2005 American Community Survey there are 164,945) of full or partial Turkish descent.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 15,105 Turkish people live in California. The greatest number have settled in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego County.
Census 2000 Demographic Profile Highlights
General Characteristics                    Turks in CA        The U.S.
Total population                                   15,104            33,871,648    
Male                                                           8,092           16,843,062
Female                                                      7,012           17,028,586
Median Age                                                    34                           34
Under 5 years                                             976              2,455,019
18 years and over                                12,097             24,650,185
65 years and over                                  1,470                3,586,794
Social Characteristics
Foreign born                                                                   7,947         8,864,255
Male, Now married, except separated *                    3,815            949,183
Female, Now married, except separated*                3,315         6,708,018
Speak a language other than English at home       8,101       12,401,756
Economic Characteristics
Median household income in 1999 (dollars)        53,204            47,493
Median family income in 1999 (dollars)                 68,232            53,025
Per capita income in 1999 (dollars)                        34,049            22,711
Families below poverty level                                           326          845,991
Inviduals below poverty level                                        1,891      4,706,130
* (population 15 years and over)
Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Counties                Turkish Population
Los Angeles            4,850
Orange                      1,773
San Diego                1,753
Santa Clara              1,147
Contra Costa               664
San Mateo                    640
San Francisco City     565
Sacramento                 540
Alameda                       527
Other                          2,545
Total                         15,104
Source: U.S. Census Bureau
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