The death toll in the forest fires in the U.S. has increased to 33.

The number of people who have lost their lives in the forest fires in California, Oregon, and Washington, in the western United States, has risen to 33.

The death toll is on the rise in the forest fires in the western states of the U.S. It was reported that 33 people had lost their lives due to the wildfires which have been going on for the past three weeks in the western states of California, Oregon, and Washington. While thousands of houses became unusable in the region where millions of acres of land turned to ash, tens of thousands of people were forced to abandon their homes.

The authorities in Oregon indicated that there are tens of people who are still missing in the region and that the number of casualties may increase. The air pollution in the state's largest city, Portland, has reached a critical level due to the fires. A forced evacuation order has been issued for 40,000 people in Oregon, where the fires are still ongoing in 16 different locations. The authorities from Oregon have announced that they have found the bodies of 10 people who have lost their lives until now.

The firefighters in Washington, where there is at least one casualty, are still responding to 15 major fires. On the other hand, the number of those who have lost their lives in California since August 15 has risen to 22. 14,800 firefighters are still responding to 28 major fires in the state where evacuation orders have been issued for tens of thousands of people.

Forest fires in the U.S. might be a factor in the spread of the coronavirus.

During his statement to the U.S. media outlet CNN, Dr. Brad Spellberg, an executive at the USC Medical Center in the city of Los Angeles, said, "Several studies have demonstrated that there is a correlation between high air pollution levels and further infection rates and severity of coronavirus cases." 

Last modified onMonday, 14 September 2020 20:24