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"Politicians from Turkey and the U.S. comment two countries relationship and current problems, foresight future relations... Presidents, Prime  Ministers, Ministers and Members of Parlement  all speak to TURKOFAMERICA, share their experiences and views with our readers. All exclusive interview from Ankara and Washington, D.C...  


Erdogan, Trump Agree Joint Action Against Islamic State in Syria: Turkish Sources

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan makes a speech during his meeting with mukhtars at the Presidential Palace in Ankara, Turkey, February 8, 2017. Yasin Bulbul/Presidential Palace/Handout via REUTERS
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and U.S. President Donald Trump agreed in an overnight phone call on joint action against Islamic State in the Syrian towns of Raqqa and al-Bab, both held by the militants, Turkish presidency sources said on Wednesday. U.S.-Turkish differences during former President Barack Obama's administration impeded the U.S.-led campaign against Islamic State, and closer coordination could mean faster progress towards freeing swathes of northern Syria from IS.

Protests Continue Against Trump's 'Muslim Ban' in New York

Image Ali Cinar- Brooklyn, NY -  Over 1,000 Yemeni  owners along from other Ethnic Communities  from across the five boroughs joined the elected official leaders at a rally outside Brooklyn Borough Hall against President  Trump‘s ban on travel from their native land. Many of them has closed their stores to show their disappointment to the Trump Administration. There were also many banners and signs of Support #MyYemeniNeighbor  and We #UnifyANDDefy at the rally.

New York City Has Certainly Changed Over The Years

Image By Ali Cinar - The full 2016 NYPD Crime statistics news conference was held on Wednesday at the Brooklyn Museum, where NYPD set up a display of photographs contrasting a 1980s and 1990s New York -- subway cars bearing graffiti and tent camps in Central Park with clean, colorful photos of today. NYPD,NYC Mayor Office and Community Partners in the Brooklyn Museum highlighted decades of hard work thats made New York City is so safe, NYC Mayor Blasio and NYPD Commissioner also gave many examples on how NYC become safe with the hard work of NYPD Officials and  Community's Partnership.

What NYC Administration Has Been Accomplished for 2016

Image By Ali Cinar- New York - When you walk on the Streets, You might not be surprised to see the Mayor Blasio. He is everywhere.He attends almost all parades, events,panels,outreach visits and many more. His Administration recently announced "What has been done in 2016" report. Here are some highlights that TURKOFAMERICA selected for our readers:

Turkey Showed Secularism, Democracy, Islam Coexists: Sumeyye Erdogan Bayraktar

Image Turkey has showed to the entire world that secularism, democracy and Islam can coexist, said Sümeyye Erdogan Bayraktar, the daughter of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as she attended the 15th annual MAS-ICNA convention, which gathers Muslim communities in the United States, as a guest speaker. “Turkey showed to the whole world that secularism, democracy and Islam can live side by side. We have become a source of inspiration for other Muslim nations that change and a better future can be maintained,” said Erdogan Bayraktar on Dec. 26 as she delivered a speech during a panel discussion on “Overcoming Challenges Facing the Ummah: The Turkish Experience.”

In New Ad, General John Allen (ret.) Says Only Hillary Clinton Understands How to Keep Us Safe

Image On the heels of Trump being denounced by national security leaders for rooting against the counter-ISIS operation underway in Mosul, Hillary for America is airing a new testimonial ad featuring Retired Marine General John Allen making clear that Hillary Clinton is the only candidate with the knowledge and steadiness to defeat our enemies and keep us safe. In the ad, Allen points to Donald Trump?s ?complete ignorance? of what it will take to defeat ISIS and highlights how Hillary Clinton ?really understands the threat? and ?understands how to wield American power to defeat this threat and ultimately keep us safe.?

Will Turkish - American Relations Have a Brighter Future After the Elections?

Image WASHINGTON, Nov. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Turkish Heritage Organization (THO), a Washington based, young non-profit organization that strives to foster a deep and comprehensive dialogue between Turkey and the U.S., held a teleconference to discuss the potential outcomes of Turkey's election results on Turkish – American relations.  THO Advisory Board Member and Secretary-General of the EU Turkey Civic Commission (EUTCC), Dr. Michael Gunter and German Marshall Fund Senior Fellow Dr. Joshua Walker analyzed the future of Turkish – American relations.

Turkish Americans Urge Obama to Help in Regional Challenges

Image Turkish Americans on Thursday asked President Barack Obama to help in Turkey's struggle to meet regional challenges and expressed concern for U.S. support for a Syrian branch of a designated terror group.  The letter comes days before Obama's visit to Turkey to attend a G-20 summit. 

Turkish Mosque Attacked in US Alarms Rising Islamophobia

Image A group of masked assailants attacked a mosque in Massachusetts on Wednesday. According to an official and community leader, several windows were broken and no one was injured. The attack took place in the city of West Springfield at around 8:15 p.m. local time (00:15 GMT) at the Ahiska Turkish American Cultural Center and Mosque. According to Yaşar Çolak, the religious affairs counselor at Turkey's embassy in Washington, D.C., five unidentified masked men arrived at the scene and began hurling stones at the buildings.


Image New York merkezli Türk Amerikan Liderler Konseyi, Makedonya'da son dönemde Makedonya Başbakanı Nikola Gruevski'ye karşı yapılan karalamalara tepki gösterdi. TALC Başkanı Ali Çınar'ın imzası ile yapılan basın açıklamasında Makedon Hükümeti'nin Türkiye ile çok yakın ilişkide olduğu ve birçok Türk firmasının yakın olarak çalışıldığı hatırlatıldı. Devletlerarası ilişkiler dışında iki halk arasında yakın bir ortaklığın ve paylaşımın olduğu vurgulandı.
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