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From New Haven To Turkey, With Layers

Photo by Paul Bass
As she mourned her adopted country’s turn away from a world humanitarian crisis, Vietnamese refugee Trinh Truony found a reason to maintain hope — with the help of eight stuffed suitcases from New Haven. She and her classmate Hacibey Catalbasoglu delivered 200 winter coats, plus sweaters and boots, to Syrians living in a Turkish refugee camp after fleeing their country’s civil war. Now they’re back studying at Yale — and just getting started harnessing citizen power to counteract new efforts by the U.S. government — and others around the world — to close doors and hearts to millions fleeing mass slaughter.

No Turkish Presence at the NY Times Travel Fair This Year

Image By Ali Cinar- New York - The New York Times Travel Show was held from January 27th through 29th. There were 500 exhibitors from 150 countries of which as many of 40% were new exhibitors.  There was a big disappointment that Turkish Exhibitors weren't present this year at the Travel Show. Many neighbor countries such as Greece and Armenia have a exhibit in order to promote their tourism and culture.

US-based Turkish Businessman Urges Solid Action Against Islamophobia

Image Murat Güzel, a Turkish-American businessman, has urged officials to take more concrete action against Islamophobia and its negative repercussions, while highlighting the need for strengthening U.S.-Turkey relations for a more effective fight against Daesh terrorists. Güzel made the remarks while addressing the annual convention of the "innovative" wing of the U.S. Democratic Party, on Sunday.

French Astronomer Names meteoroid after Turkish Singer Sezen Aksu

Image A French astronomer, Jean Claude Merlin, has named a meteoroid he discovered after renowned Turkish singer Sezen Aksu, daily Habertürk has reported. Merlin said he became a huge fan of Aksu’s voice after hearing it in Turkish director Ferzan Özpetek’s film “Loose Cannons.” He discovered a new meteoroid while observing the sky via his telescope at home in Arizona on Oct. 24, 2009, adding that he had to come up with a name for the meteoroid before informing the International Astronomical Union about the discovery.

Coca-Cola and Chobani Join List of Companies Publicly Denouncing Trump's Travel Ban

Coke?s CEO Muhtar Kent and Chobani?s CEO Hamdi Ulukaya both grew up in Turkey. Photo: Eitan Abramovich/AFP/Getty Images; Mike Windle/Getty Images
Add two more multi-billion-dollar food businesses — Coca-Cola and Chobani — to the list of companies condemning President Trump’s executive order banning people from Muslim-majority countries. On Sunday, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz took the first public shot, announcing the chain would respond to “confusion, surprise, and opposition” of the ban by hiring 10,000 refugees over the next five years — a move that made Trump supporters vow in droves to boycott cafés.

Sierra Nevada Prepares for Spring Landing Test of Dream Chaser

Image Continuing on a developmental track as part of its CRS-2 contract award from NASA, the Sierra Nevada Corporation has shipped the Engineering Test Article of their Dream Chaser space plane to Edwards Air Force Base, California, ahead of a planned spring 2017 free-flight to test the vehicle’s low-atmosphere control and landing capabilities – ahead of operational flights for NASA and the United Nations in the coming years.

Alexico Group Sells Tribeca Penthouse for Over $56M to Anonymous Buyer

Image A double penthouse combination at the glass-stacked condominium tower owned by Alexico Group and located at 56 Leonard Street in Tribeca, has been purchased for over $56 million by an anonymous buyer.  The gigantic unit is a whopping 11,892 square feet, and encompasses two full-floor condos on the 53rd and 54th floors. The deluxe apartment features multiple terraces, with a total of 3,300 square feet of balcony space.  measure a whopping 11,892 square feet with multiple terraces and balconies totaling 3,300 square feet. In June 2013, the buyer, who property records identified as South Shore Investments LLC, went into a contract for both units and paid $55.6 million for the huge space.

Chobani CEO Ulukaya Continues to Employ Refugees

Image Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya defended his choice to hire immigrants who have sought refuge in the U.S. from war torn countries in an interview on CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Wednesday morning. The interview was broadcast from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The yogurt company that was founded in 2005 employs about 2,000 people, including over 300 refugees. It has plants in upstate New York, Idaho and Australia. The extreme right strongly disapproves of his humanitarian efforts, with some making racist attacks online, urging people to boycott the company or writing false articles about Chobani, according to the New York Times. One article said that Ulukaya wanted to "drown the United States in Muslims."

Graves of Ottoman Princes, Sons of Sultan Abdulhamid II in Ruins in France's Bobigny Cemetery

Ahmed Nureddin Efendi
The historic graveyards containing the remains of the sons of the 34th Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II are on the verge of being lost for ever. Buried in a Muslims-only graveyard in the French capital, the graves of the princes seem to be in quite bad condition, with some writing on the tombstones now so faint that only words on the grave of Ahmed Nureddin Efendi can be picked out. With history at stake, if nothing is done soon, there will be nothing left to preserve. Speaking to Daily Sabah, historian Ekrem Buğra Ekinci stated that the cemetery was opened in 1937. "There are 21 people buried there, four of whom are princes," he said.

A Farewell to Last Heir of Ottoman Empire Prince Osman Bayezid

HIH Prince Bayezid Osman was 93 years old. Photo: Ahmet Ze.
Last week, the last heir to the former Ottoman Empire, Osman Bayezid Osmanoğlu, also known as Osman Bayezid Efendi, passed away at the age of 92 and was laid to rest in New York. Osman Bayezid Efendi, who studied French Literature, worked at the New York Library for almost 34 years. He was able to speak six different languages and despite being the first Ottoman heir to be born in exile, he could speak Turkish fluently. A man known for his modesty and kindness, he was so thoughtful that when he failed to attend to an invitation, his brother, Cem Osmanoğlu, joked by saying, "He must be dead. Otherwise he would be here," only to find out later that Bayezid Efendi had indeed been hospitalized.
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