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"Turkish-American organizations to promote understanding between Turks and Americans and to strengthen the friendship, business and cultural ties between the two countries. Enhance the economic and social standing of Turkish-American businessmen and businesswomen within the U.S. All activities of Turkish American associations, interview with their executivies.. "

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Turkish-American traces in the F-35s

Journalist Ali Cinar interviewed one of the prominent Turkish-American businessmen who contributed to the F-35 program with his products.

Even if Turkey has been removed from the F-35 program, the products of a Turkish-American engineer's products are still being used to manufacture the F-35s. Turkish engineer Ergün Kırlıkovalı, who settled in the US 43 years ago shared the details of his work on aircraft industry.

Ergün Kırlıkovalı, who settled in the U.S. 43 years ago, is someone who has made history as the sole Turkish engineer to manufacture the unique materials used by the US Naval Air Force. Kırlıkovalı, which can produce a coating as strong as steel and as flexible as polymer, has no competitors in the world.

Kırlıkovalı carried out his military service in the Navy following a bachelor's degree in chemistry at Boğaziçi University and a master's degree in polymer science at Manchester University. After a certain amount of work experience in Istanbul, he arrived in the US in 1978. He started working as a development chemist at a large company in San Francisco. He later continued in R&D activities in an aeronautics and astronautics company's laboratory to develop polymer-based materials to be used in place of metal in aircraft making.

Kırlıkovalı develops special maintenance, handling, and repairing materials in the field of corrosion for the US Navy. The company, which is the sole supplier of the Pentagon with this new invention, is where Kırlıkovalı is employed. Kırlıkovalı set up his own company in California with the money he earned. In the 1990s, he designed coating materials ensuring invisibility for B-2 aircraft and, on completing all the tests successfully and leaving his competitors behind, became the sole supplier to the Pentagon in 1998.

Turkish-American traces in F-35 Program
This achievement of the successful Turkish engineer also drew the attention of the leadership team of the F-35 program. The company owned by Kırlıkovalı was invited to the tender to design the coatings, which ensured invisibility.

They worked day and night and made the most of this opportunity. Then they underwent a challenging and new testing process lasting for three years, with the formula finishing its design in 2004. In 2007, they entered the specifications as the only supplier again. This means although Türkiye is excluded from the F-35 program, a product of a Turkish engineer is still used in F-35 production.

Ergün Kırklıkovalı, a beloved man in Turkish-American society, is a person who achieved crucial tasks on Turkish-American relations. Kırklıkovalı has provided outstanding services to Turkish society in social, cultural, and educational fields, apart from his assignment of Presidency of the Assembly of Turkish American Associations previous years, headquartered in Washington, DC. 

Turkey-U.S.relationship under Biden Administration:

"It had been going bad until the war between Russia and Ukraine started. However, we can say that Turkey's importance reached a peak for Russia and its opponents following Russia's attack and the universal sanctions from the U.S, Japan, and Australia. Of course, several problems, such as S-400s, F-35s, and YPG-PKK in North Syria, competition for the gas in the East Mediterranean, and so on, still have not been solved. Both sides have firm positions, and that has not changed much. I think that perhaps the war between Russia and Ukraine will dissolve these frozen conflicts and find a solution for them soon." Kırklıkovalı said.

"Hutchinson: The future for natural gas and LNG is bright!"

LNG Allies will be organizing a "Virtual Meet-and-Greet Turkey-U.S. LNG Interests" on June 1st. Turk of America Journalist Ali Cinar interviewed  Fred H. Hutchison President & CEO LNG Allies, (The US LNG Association) on the LNG opportunities between U.S. and Turkey
What is your expectation for your upcoming Turkey-U.S. LNG conference?

The event that LNG Allies has arranged with the Turkish Embassy in Washington on June 1 will introduce our members to key energy and trade officials within the Embassy and the Turkish Consulate in Houston, to be briefed by officials in Ankara on the Turkish natural gas market, and for our companies to be able to interact with Turkish counterparts. It is part of a “virtual meet and greet” seminars series we have organized over the past year in markets of interest to the U.S. LNG industry given the difficulty of travel due to Covid.

How do U.S. based LNG companies work with Turkish business? 

Turkey is an important market for U.S. LNG exporters. Over the past 12 months (through March 2021), Turkey was the eighth largest market for U.S. LNG exports globally and the third largest in Europe. LNG Allies and our companies have met regularly with Turkish government officials, regulators, and the Turkish energy industry to share our experiences and encourage closer collaboration. These relationships are strong and getting stronger.

What is your organization expectation from Turkish companies/Turkey?

We expect demand for natural gas in Turkey to continue to increase given Turkish economic growth, as well as government efforts to address climate change and diversify sources of energy supply. The flexibility, reliability, and price competitiveness of U.S. LNG has been appreciated by Turkish companies. So, we anticipate Turkey will be a growth market for our exports. We hope to see Turkish companies sign long-term contracts with U.S. LNG suppliers to further strengthen this relationship.

Where do you see the LNG business in five years?

The future for natural gas and LNG is bright. Even in 2020 — when energy demand dropped globally due to the pandemic — demand for LNG grew by two percent to reach 360 million metric tons (MMT). In five years, global LNG demand is expected to rise to around 420 MMT, and the United States will become the top LNG exporting nation. LNG improves energy security and can provide reliable, low-carbon electricity, generating important baseload power when combined with renewables. While most LNG demand growth will be in Asia, we see opportunities in Europe as well, in particular in Turkey.

Journalist, Ali Cinar

Donations for Palestine Are Hitting Lows When The Needs Are Increasing

Have donors lost hope? We know it's been decades of hurt, pain, poverty, suffering for our sisters and brothers there, and a donation may seem small in light of everything. But it's not! A donation can mean a world of difference for a sister or brother in need, like you saw in the video above from Qabalan, Palestine. Because of a donor like YOU, who made the choice to give, this sister was able to get a bread business—the main livelihood for her family—up, running, and thriving (her video is a must-watch)!

Evacuation flights from U.S. to Turkey

Turkish Airlines (THY) will organize flights from 3 cities of the USA for the citizens who could not return to Turkey because of the cancellation of flights within the scope of precautions for the new type of coronavirus ( COVID-19) pandemic. 

According to the written announcement made by the Turkish Embassy in Washington D.C., Turkish Airlines will schedule flights on April 23 from Washington D.C. and Los Angeles and on April 24 from New York for the short-term visa owners who reside in the U.S. temporarily, students, tourists, workers and those who are present in the U.S. for job interviews to return to Turkey.

 The citizens who want to return to the country will provide their written approval to be quarantined for 14 days following their arrival in Turkey, either during the ticketing process or just before on boarding the plane. People showing COVID-19 symptoms on the day of the flight or have been diagnosed before will not be allowed on board. 

The ticket sales are available online. In the first two days of sales of relevant tickets, the tickets will be sold primarily to the citizens who have notified their names to the Washington Embassy and New York and Los Angeles Consulate Generals until April 14. In case there will be available seats following the first two days, citizens in other regions will be able to buy tickets for one of these three flights. 

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Ready for NATO Summit in London?

By Ali Cinar -  United Kingdom will host NATO Heads of State and Government in London, on 3-4 December 2019. NATO Leaders Meeting will take place at the Grove Hotel, Hertfordshire on December 4th.Queen Elizabeth II will host a reception for NATO leaders at Buckingham Palace on December 3rd  to mark 70 years of NATO alliance Heads of States will discuss security challenges to "ensure that NATO continues to adapt in order to keep its population of almost one billion people safe", according to the Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg.

Yildirim Seeks Mines, U.S. Ports in $10 Billion Expansion

Yuksel Yildirim
Yildirim Holding AS, a Turkish ports and mine operator, plans to expand in the U.S. port industry and boost investments in Kazakh mines. The Istanbul-based company, closely held by the Yildirim family, is seeking to benefit from a slump in asset prices as the plunge in commodities hurts valuations, Robert Yuksel Yildirim, chairman and chief executive officer, said in a phone interview on Friday. The company plans to spend about $5 billion on acquisitions and invest a further $5 billion in building power plants in Turkey by 2025, he said.

Turkcell Is the Only Turkish Company Listed on NYSE

Image Ali Cinar- New York -
More than 2400 world’s best firms, entrepreneurs, innovators are listed at the New York Stock Exchange. John Tuttle who is the ‎Global Head of Listings at New York Stock Exchange gave a us press briefing organized by US State Department, NYSE markets trade an average daily volume of $123 billion, making the world’s largest and most liquid capital source. “We are a 225 years old  and we are also very much focused on the future. We are in massive renovation to show that modern exchange and continue to help companies to raise capital to expand their business. Many pre-IPO technology companies now qualify for an NYSE listing. Large IPO raises over 700 million dollars and Ali Baba’s is 24.5 billion dollars,“ Tuttle says at the briefing.

US Law Enforcement Raids Turkish-owned New York Cafe, House with Links to Gulen

Image The U.S. law enforcement officers raided a popular cafe linked to Pennsylvania-based Imam Fethullah Gülen in New York's Brooklyn on early Friday morning, the Daily Sabah has learned. More than a dozen officers seized computers during the raid on Masal Cafe, a popular destination for Gülen's disciples, according to frequent visitors of the venue. Another search was also conducted against the cafe's owner, Salahattin Karakuş's house, in which his computers were also confiscated. Karakuş confirmed on Sunday via phone that U.S. law enforcement officers were in his house and the cafe. "They told me not to talk about this with anyone. That's all," he said. Local media reported that the raid was conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, however, FBI's New York office said it had not carried out the operation.

USA Swimming Teams Up With Chobani Greek Yogurt as Official Supplier

Image USA Swimming is pleased to fuel its athletes with high protein products made with only natural, non-GMO ingredients through its newest multi-year partnership with America’s #1 Greek Yogurt Brand, Chobani, LLC.  A key aspect of the partnership will see Chobani and USA Swimming work together to create a digital content series promoting creative and healthy eating choices. This series will be featured across Chobani and USA Swimming’s multimedia platforms, including social media and digital channels. 
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