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Turkish Boutique Producer Akuvatur Eyes US Market

Image BOSTON — Turkish aquaculture fish producer Akuvatur plans to grow its sales in the US market, as the popularity of seabass — known as branzino in the US — increases in the North-American market, Huseyin Tosun, Akuvatur's Mediterranean fish export manager, told Undercurrent News. Akuvatur produces very rare kinds of Mediterranean fish, such as common dentex, pink dentex, red sea bream, premium seabass and premium seabream.

Turkish Airlines to Sponsor US Football Side

Image Turkish Airlines on Tuesday signed a sponsorship deal with American professional football club Indy Eleven, based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. The agreement sees Turkish Airlines become the official international airline partner of the club which plays in the North American Soccer League. "As part of the agreement, Turkish Airlines will serve as the first jersey-back sponsor in Indy Eleven history, with the airline’s logo set to debut on the club’s kits starting on Saturday, when the ‘Boys in Blue’ kick off their fourth season of play at the San Francisco Deltas," a statement read. Turkish Airlines' chairman, Ilker Ayci, said: “As Turkish Airlines network grows every day by offering more and more services, we are delighted to have this partnership with Indy Eleven.

Omer Asik's Bacterial Infection and Weight Loss Will Reportedly End His Season

Image Omer Asik’s season appears to be over, which doesn’t constitute major news on its own, because the Turkish 7-footer’s minutes have steadily declined since he joined the New Orleans Pelicans three years ago, but it’s how his 2016-17 campaign is coming to a close that is both noteworthy and concerning. Asik reportedly contracted a bacterial infection in Mexico during the All-Star break, and while Alvin Gentry initially said the center’s health was not considered a serious concern, the Pelicans coach told ESPN.com’s Justin Verrier this weekend Asik “will be gearing toward the summer and next year, really.”

How Two Armenian Immigrants Made Turkish Delight An American Hit

Courtesy of Liberty Orchards Co., Inc.
By Tove K. Danovich -  Liberty Orchards in Cashmere, Wash., which was founded by two Armenian immigrants, still makes Aplets & Cotlets, a variation of Turkish delight that includes apples, apricots and walnuts. In 1921, an ad in The Seattle Times touted a brand new candy called "Aplets," a new confection made "from the finest Washington apples and honey and walnuts." A few years later, Aplets were joined by "Cotlets," a similar candy made from an apricot base. In most of the world, "Aplets & Cotlets" were based on a treat called lokum, a word derived from Arabic, but the British and Americans know it as "Turkish delight."

The New York Librarian Who Nearly Ruled the Ottoman Empire

ISTANBUL, Turkey — Osman Bayezid, the last Ottoman heir, liked to eat and throw dinner parties where circassian chicken, borek‌ and stuffed grape leaves were served liberally. His fondness for lavish Ottoman-style food was so much that when a doctor asked him to cut his meals, he went for the medical check-up with his coat's pockets full of coins. He knew he was going to be asked to step onto a weighing scale and then given a strict diet to follow. Bayezid thought it best to add a few artificial pounds so that he wouldn't be nagged about his weight in follow-up trips. "Oh, he had so many tricks up his sleeve," recalls Bosiljka Stevanovic, a longtime friend, in an interview with TRT World. "He would make you laugh and laugh and laugh."

Luxury Phone Maker Vertu Bought by Exiled Turkish Businessman

Image British phone maker Vertu has long been considered unique because it designs and makes all of its devices on site at a small plant in the Hampshire countryside. Now the luxury tech company has been snapped up by exiled Turkish businessman Hakan Uzan for £50 million ($60 million), the Telegraph reported Monday. Vertu is known for making phones with sapphire screens, titanium frames and leather cladding that can cost up to £40,000 apiece. Included in the deal is a concierge on speed dial.

Turkish Co-produced Film, "The Ottoman Lieutenant," Premiers in US Theaters

Image The Ottoman Lieutenant," a love story about an American nurse and an Ottoman officer serving in eastern Anatolia during World War I, has premiered in theaters across the United States. The Turkish-American co-produced Hollywood film has reached U.S. audiences in some 300 cinemas across more than 200 regions of the country. Telling the story of an American nurse named Lillie during the first years of World War I, the film incorporates striking décor and staging to create a modern version of an old fashioned picture.

New York Attorney Preet Bharara Fired After Refusing to Resign

Image High-profile New York prosecutor Preet Bharara -- who was among the federal attorneys asked to resign by the White House -- said Saturday that has been fired. U.S. President Donald Trump's administration on Friday demanded the resignations of 46 U.S. prosecutors -- including Bharara -- appointed during the two terms of his predecessor Barack Obama. The federal attorney's firing capped a standoff with the Trump administration that started when Bharara refused the White House order to resign.

Turkish Officials, Businessman Deny Gen. Flynn Lobbied for Turkish Government

Image he Turkish businessman, who retained former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn's company before the U.S. presidential elections last fall, denied that his agreement with Flynn Intel Group (FIG) aided the Turkish government. Ekim Alptekin, chairman of the Turkish-American Business Council (TAIK) and owner of the Turkey-based EA Group, said he hired the FIG through his Dutch company, Inovo BV, last September in order to promote theTurkish business environment in the U.S. and receive geopolitical reporting services in the U.S about Turkey. "I've never lobbied or contracted lobbyists on behalf of the Turkish government," Alptekin told Daily Sabah.

Netherlands Detains Turkish Family Minister to Deport Her to Germany

Image Dutch police detained Turkish Family and Social Affairs Minister Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya on late Saturday to deport her to Germany after declaring her "undesirable alien." TV video showed the standoff between the ministerial convoy and the Rotterdam police, which was translated between an officer and the minister. After being told to return with her convoy, Kaya retorted sharply, saying "I will go to the consulate building. That is a building belonging to my country and I am a minister of that country."
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