Bon Jovi Shakes Istanbul Stage

Photo by AP
Bon Jovi came back to Istanbul to make the Turkish girls scream, as the frontman said during Friday’s show. And the American rock giant deservedly got what it asked for

Bon Jovi’s opening song was ‘Raise Your Hands,’ which was, in a way, the perfect way to kick start a stadium show. But the show was not only about songs. An eye candy screen and a light show also helped. AP photo

There is only one reason why Bon Jovi came back to Istanbul, “to make the Turkish girls scream.” After a triumphant performance, the band deservedly got what it wanted. Before Friday, the Bon Jovi show was dubbed as “the biggest concert of the year,” and it lived up to expectations, if not crushed them, as the 35,000 people present for the American rock giants’ performance at Türk Telekom Arena would tell you.
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