The United States Doubles Its Order of COVID-19 Pills

The United States Doubles Its Order of COVID-19 Pills

President Biden joined the briefing held by the White House COVID-19 Response Team. Speaking at the beginning of the briefing,President Biden stated that the United States' order of COVID-19 pills was doubled from 10 million.

Biden emphasized that the Pfizer pills would dramatically decrease hospitalizations and deaths in high-risk individuals He stated that the first batch of the COVID-19 pills was delivered on Christmas Eve and that more would be delivered this week.

Biden said he directed the government to buy an additional 10 million courses of Pfizer, increasing the purchase amount to 20 million. Biden emphasized that this pill will be a game-changer for the pandemic.

"Omicron's effects depend on whether we are vaccinated or not."

Pointing out the increase in daily cases up to 1 million in the United States, Biden said that Omicron is highly transmissible and different from all the other previous variants. "However, you can protect yourselves," Biden added.

"Get vaccinated, get boosted, wear a mask while you are in public," Biden repeated.

Biden said that the increase in cases would depend on the vaccination status of every individual, also noting that while the fully vaccinated plus a booster shot still have the risk of getting COVID-19, their risk of severe prognosis decreases greatly.

Pointing out to the increase in cases across the country in the organizations and workplaces, including the White House, Biden also said, "However, if you are fully vaccinated plus a booster shot, it means you are well protected."

"Worry but do not panic," Biden said, adding that the unvaccinated are more susceptible with a higher risk of severe prognosis and mortality.

Recently elected New York City Mayor Eric Adams officially took office. Adams was sworn into office in Times Square on January 1, 2022, just after the New Year's ball drop.

Adams was sworn into office as he placed his hand on the Bible. It was reported that Adams brought his family's Bible for the oath ceremony. Some 15,000 are joining in the New Year's Eve celebrations at Adams's inauguration in Times Square, New York. Usually crowded with around 60,000 people, the New Year's Eve celebrations this year saw a mere 15,000 revelers due to COVID-19.

The mayoral election in New York City was held on November 2. Adams, who had the position of Brooklyn Borough president before, became the second African American mayor of New York City.

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President Biden's $2.3 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

President Biden announced the first stage of the plan at an event held at a union training center in Pittsburgh. President Biden defined the massive program that will restructure the American infrastructure over the next eight years as a "once-in-a-generation investment."

According to the details announced by the White House, within the scope of this plan, hundreds of billions of dollars are allocated for the modernization and construction of roads, bridges, public transportation systems, schools, and other infrastructure fields.

The plan can both fix some of the damage caused to the economy by the Coronavirus epidemic and benefit primarily low-income employees.
It is stated that President Joe Biden's choice of Pittsburgh to announce the infrastructure plan has economic and political repercussions. 

It is stated that the infrastructure projects will be financed by the higher taxes that will be obtained from the companies and establishments. It is indicated that this situation may cause repercussions in the business circles and disrupt the attempts of the Biden administration to work with the Republican Congress members.

 President Joe Biden said, "91 companies on the Fortune 500 list, including Amazon, do not pay a single solitary penny in federal income tax." During his speech in which he unveiled the infrastructure plan, he said, "Wall Street didn't build this country. The middle class built this country. And unions built the middle class."

President Biden hopes that the infrastructure plan will be passed by Congress by the summer, which means he will rely on the fact that Democrats narrowly control both the House of Representatives and the Senate.
Package Details:
$621 billion for transportation infrastructure and resilience:
$580 billion for manufacturing; research and development; and job training:
$400 billion for the care economy:
$313 billion for schools and housing:
$111 billion for clean water:$100 billion for digital infrastructure

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The Biden Administration Accelerates the Vaccination Process

Describing the vaccine distribution process in the U.S. as a wartime work, President Joe Biden said, "Our plan will take time. Although our intention is good, we will face some obstacles in the process," reminding the public once again that mask-wearing and social distancing rules are to be followed in the process.

President Biden: "Vaccines show great hope, but their distribution in America has so far failed". He added "It's not hard to see that we are in the middle of a once-in-several-generations economic and public health crisis. Deep human suffering is in plain sight, and we have no time to waste. We have to act now."

President Biden's plan includes a national-scale vaccination program, efforts to control the Coronavirus, ensuring the safe opening of schools, establishing mass vaccination areas across the country, increasing the number of tests and contact tracing efforts, eliminating material shortages, granting paid sick leave, eliminating inequalities in the field of health. and the opening of most of the primary and secondary schools within the first 100 days of his presidency.

One of the essential points of the plan is direct emergency aid to families. It was stated that more than 10 million Americans are currently unemployed and 4 million of them were unemployed six months or more in the past year, and 1 out of 10 black workers and 1 out of every 11 Latin workers are unemployed. The statement has also remarked that an additional 140 thousand jobs were also lost in December and that 20 thousand public educators and 400 thousand restaurant employees were unemployed. It was stated that the budget to be allocated for this part of the plan would be 1 trillion dollars.

"More transparent information sharing."

Meeting with state governors, Joe Biden's administration is also starting a process where state governments will be informed more transparently about the vaccination strategy. In this regard, the estimated number of vaccines for the next three weeks will be shared with states and regions.

US Department of Health and Human Services will be sharing the number of doses allocated to each state over the three week period.

200 million more doses of vaccination will be purchased

Biden administration plans to purchase 200 million more doses of vaccination to be delivered by this summer and increase the vaccination supply of the US by 50 percent.

Accordingly, 100 million more doses of vaccines will be purchased from both Pfizer and Moderna - the two vaccines authorized for emergency use by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Under the plan, the US expects to have enough doses to vaccinate 300 million people by the end of summer.

The US ranks fifth in the world for vaccination.

The US ranks fifth in the world in terms of the number of vaccines administered in proportion to a country's population. According to Oxford University, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Britain, and Bahrain are ahead of the US.

Covid-19 Status in the US.(As of January 28th-Worldmeter)

Total Death Toll:442,000

Total Cases:26 million

The U.S. has administered 25.6 million doses

President Biden’s National Strategy for the Covid-19 Response and  Pandemic Preparedness

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