Former Key Players from CAO Formed Crowned Heads

Image Crowned Heads is a company formed by former key players from CAO. When CAO was acquired by Scandinavian Tobacco Group in 2010 many of the old guard left the company to find their fortunes elsewhere, amongst that exodus were Jon Huber, Mike Conder, Michael Trebing, and Nancy Heathman, who went on to start Crowned Heads. Since then the folks at Crowned Heads have been busy and hard at work to get their company operational and their first line out to the market. They wanted to do it right so they took their time and found the perfect partner for their first release, Ernesto Carrillo. The rest as they say is history, Crowned Heads and Ernesto Carrillo came out with Four Kicks and it has been gaining steady popularity and high praise from the public and the new media outlets ever since. So without further introduction our interview with rising star Jon Huber of Crowned Heads:
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