Graves of Ottoman Princes, Sons of Sultan Abdulhamid II in Ruins in France's Bobigny Cemetery

Ahmed Nureddin Efendi
The historic graveyards containing the remains of the sons of the 34th Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II are on the verge of being lost for ever. Buried in a Muslims-only graveyard in the French capital, the graves of the princes seem to be in quite bad condition, with some writing on the tombstones now so faint that only words on the grave of Ahmed Nureddin Efendi can be picked out. With history at stake, if nothing is done soon, there will be nothing left to preserve. Speaking to Daily Sabah, historian Ekrem Buğra Ekinci stated that the cemetery was opened in 1937. "There are 21 people buried there, four of whom are princes," he said.
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