The Kings of Gas Stations

Adnan Kiriscioglu who owns 25 gas stations in four different states.(Photo: Yasemin Ozkafa)
By Cemil Ozyurt - The Turkish, Armenian, and Assyrian entrepreneurs from Turkey, who have been interested in the fuel industry in the USA since the 1960’s, are still running nearly 300 gas stations in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut today. Creating over 2 billion dollars worth of economic input, the entrepreneurs also provide employment for more than 3000 people. The gas station business is in the hands of Armenians, especially in northern New Jersey, and of Turks in the Long Island region. Long Island, the Crimean Tatars and Uzbek Turks had initially entered the sector widely, and became so strong as to virtually create their own franchise. The first known Turkish gas station owner became active in Long Island at the end of the 1960’s.
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