Vanessa V. Seckin Opens Her Law Firm in New York City to Better Serve Turkish Americans

Vanessa V. Seckin has practiced 10 years immigration law.
According to the Census Bureau, since the 1970s, the number of Turkish immigrants has risen to more than 2,000 per year. Members of this most recent immigrant group vary widely. Many opened small businesses in the United States and created Turkish American organizations, thus developing Turkish enclaves, particularly in New York and New Jersey City. Still others came for educational purposes.

Increasing of Turkish-American population in New York and New Jersey area, attract more professional to serve the community. Vanessa Seckin, wife of well-known Turkish interventional pain doctor Ali Inanc Seckin who works for Hackensack University Medical Center, has practiced immigration law for the last 10 years and now she opens her own law firm.  

Seckin has a diverse knowledge in immigration law that it is comprised of individual, start-up, mid size, and large multinational companies and organizations encompassing of broad range of industry sectors.

Seckin says: “There are a lot of immigration attorneys out there, but very few whom not only understand the laws and procedures, but also the predicament and the frustration that a person is facing in the U.S.”
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