New York City Mayor Adams Hosts Iftar Dinner with Turkish Dishes

New York City Mayor Eric Adams hosted an Iftar Dinner for members of the Muslim community of New York City - which constitutes the majority of Muslims living in the US. Meat-free Turkish dishes were served during the reception. 

This was the first reception of New York's ambitious new Mayor Adams since recovering from COVID-19, and he hosted an Iftar Dinner for Muslims living in and around New York.

The Iftar dinner reception has been held at the Mayor's residence Gracia Mansion up until now. For the first time, this dinner took place in one of the historical landmarks of the US, the "Surrogate's Court." The "Beaux-Arts" style building was designed to be fireproof to provide maximum protection for the paper records of the city. The steel-framed structure has a granite exterior, and it is made up of seven floors with exquisite marble interiors.

Meanwhile, Adams - who was elected by a significant margin with support from the Muslim and Jewish communities and has worked tirelessly since the day he was elected - is expected to announce his bid for the 2024 candidacy in case President Joe Biden doesn't run a second time. 

Around 300 members of the Muslim community and consuls general of Muslim-majority countries attended the dinner, which took place for the 14th time. Numerous female leaders of the Muslim community were also in attendance.

3 Turks in the Transition Team of the New Mayor of NY

 Ali Cinar-Washington,DC : Eric Adams, a friend of Turkey and the mayor-elect of New York, included three Turks in his 700-strong transition team. The Administration of Adams is slowly shaping up as he is set to take over on January 1.

On the website, Adams got the message that "we're much more than we were told we are. And New York should allow us all to be who we were meant to be" across and also published the committees And contributors list.

With Cenk Ocal in Infrastructure, İbrahim Sen in Clergy, and Metin Turan in Food Policy, it's expected that Rana Abbasova, who's one of the longtime advisors of the New York Mayor Eric Adams, will take charge as special counsel of the New York Mayor's Office.

Eric Adams has visited Turkey six times in the last nine years. He's also a prominent figure who participated in numerous events organized by the Turkish American Community. The Greek diaspora complains about Adams because of his ties to the Turkish Community, whereas he receives excellent support from the Jewish Community.

The new mayor of New York made history by putting detective Keechant Sewell of Long Island in charge of the New York Police Department. Keechant Sewell will be the first female African American police commissioner of the NYPD.

Who is Eric Adams?

Eric Leroy Adams (born September 1, 1960) is an American politician and retired police officer who is the mayor-elect of New York City. The 18th district president of Helen Brooklyn, Adams served in the New York Transit Police Department, followed by the New York City Police Department for over twenty years. He served in the New York State Senate from 2006 to 2013, representing the 20th Senate district in Brooklyn. He described the Senate district. In November 2013, Adams was elected Brooklyn Borough President. He was reelected in November 2017 and is the first African American to hold the position.

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