The Turks Who Won and Lost in the US Midterm Elections

Along with the US Congressional midterm elections, elections were held within the administrations in the states. Although it was talked about that the Republican senatorial candidate Mehmet Öz from Pennsylvania lost the election, many Turks entered the elections in the local governments.

Seven Turks entered the by-elections, and only two Turks won the elections.

Ali Paksoy from the Republican Party was elected as a district judge in North Carolina, while Onur Arugaslan was elected to the Board of Trustees of the Mattawan Education Council in Michigan.

Veysel Dokur, the Florida state senatorial candidate from the Democratic Party; Erim Sarinoğlu, the candidate for judge in the state of Tennessee; Ajlan Kurdoğlu, the Arizona state parliamentary candidate from the Democratic Party; and Tayfun Selen, the Republican Party's parliamentary candidate from New Jersey, all lost the election.

Lauren Arıkan, married to Turkish Yusuf Arıkan of Maryland, was reelected as Maryland state deputy. The number of Turkish friendship group members in the US Congress is eighty-eight.

The following are the Turks who previously served in US local governments by election or appointment:

John Alpay, Budget and Finance Committee, California

Kemal Bozkurt, education, Massachusetts

Esin Busche, accommodation, Illinois

Hacıbey Çatalbaşoğlu, education, Connecticut

Jay 'Ceyhun' Karahan, judge, Texas

Ali Paksoy, judge, North Carolina

Aysha Sawa, registrar, Milwaukee

Tayfun Selen, mayor, New Jersey

Malik Tunador, city councilman, Pennsylvania

Dr. Erdem Ural, education, Massachusetts

Sel Yackley, education, Illinois

Mehmet 'Matt' Yar, education, New Jersey

Hüseyin Bayram, deputy mayor, New Jersey

Derya Taşkın, deputy mayor, New Jersey

Halil Süleyman Özerden, judge, Mississippi

Some members of Congress have Turkish ties.

Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen's grandfather was Turkish-born. North Carolina's Congressman Virginia Foxx's son-in-law is Turkish, and her two grandchildren are Turkish American.

Turkey Caucus Co-Chairs Statement on Turkey Republic Day

Congressmen Steve Cohen (TN-09), Joe Wilson (SC-02), Gerry Connolly (VA-11) and Steve Chabot (OH-01) released the following statement:

"Congratulations to the People of Turkey and Turkish Americans on this 99th commemoration of the founding of the Republic of Turkey.

As co-chairs of the Congressional Caucus on US-Turkey Relations and Turkish Americans, we recognize the vast reforms that were undertaken by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his vision for a reformed, modernized, and democratic Turkish Republic. Today, Turkish Americans represent a vital thread of the American fabric, and with rich culture and history, they serve as the best ambassadors for strong relations between our two countries.

As Turkey celebrates its 70th anniversary of NATO accession we would like to highlight its contributions to regional security including diplomatic efforts in mitigating the challenges arising from the war in Ukraine. Turkey has been a crucial partner to fully implement the Montreux Convention which prevented the Black Sea from becoming part of the war zone and brokered the grain export deal to help feed the world. We look forward to working with Turkey to ensure its concerns are heard by all allies as it votes to ratify Sweden and Finland as new members of the transatlantic alliance.

We congratulate the Turkish people and Turkish Americans on Republic Day 2022 and look forward to strengthening US-Turkey relations."

Currently,there are 88 members in the Turkish Caucus.

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