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Secret Dynamo of the European Economy

Germany, not being able to meet the labor needs of its growing economy after the Second World War, opened its borders to Turkish workers with the “labor recruitment agreement” of October 30, 1961. Following this agreement, thousands of Turkish workers arrived in Germany, starting the Turkish immigration to Europe.

Experience of Euro-Turks

Prof. Dr. Faruk Şen, director of the Turkey Research Center Association (TAM), recently published a book presenting the statistics he had compiled while doing research on Turks living in the European Union. He also chronicles his own experiences, as a Turk who has spent many years in Germany.

New Generation Is Gaining an Education

Approximately 200 thousand students continue their education at about 320 institutions for higher education (Hochschulen) in Germany. The number of Turkish students attending these universities is 36,000. Only 3% of these are students from Turkey; the rest is composed of Turks born in Germany. (1)

The Grand Master of Gastronomy

Cologne, Germany- In general, many entrepreneurial immigrants start their careers in any new country with a restaurant. Though easy to open, they are also easy to close. Being able to remain profitable takes incredible ingenuity. Müslüm Balaban is one Turkish restauranteur in Germany who will be remembered for a long time to come.
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