Melda Akansel

Melda Akansel

The Star of the Opera

Bonn, Germany – The word Bonn immediately connotes the capital of West Germany during the cold war years, prior to the fall of the Berlin wall, and the birthplace of  Ludwig van Beethoven. Bonn, which was the capital of Germany from 1949-1999, is a charming city with a 2000-year long history and a population of 314,000, located 20 km south of Köln.

The Twins of the Opera

By Melda Akansel
Having made the promotion of Turkish composers and their works their mission, Sinem and Didem Balık, known in the music world as the Opera Twins, are greatly admired by vocal-music connoisseurs.
Soprano Leyla Gencer, Turkish opera’s gift to the world

She Lays Relationships on The Table

By Melda Akansel - Psychologist Semra Çoşkuntuna, who came to the United States to do her PhD, solves the problems of individuals living the tiring and fast-paced life in New York. “The biggest problem for people here is loneliness,” says Çoşkuntuna, who specializes in solving relationship problems.
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Heart Friendly Dr. Ozgen Dogan

By Melda Akansel - Unquestionably, heart attacks are the biggest health threat to people today and the medical community is making great efforts to try to solve this problem. Dr. Ozgen Dogan tries to call attention to the importance of a healthy heart by saying, “The number one killer in the modern world is heart problems and the heart attacks that are caused by this.” He also states that many things raise the risk of a heart attack, from bad nutrition to being overweight, from stress to not getting enough exercise. Dr. Ozgen Dogan practices not only at Columbia University and Long Island College Hospital, but he has also been one of New York’s most successful cardiologists, protecting the hearts of thousands of patients for the past twenty years at his own clinic.
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