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Ali Cinar

President- Elect Joe Biden introduces " American Rescue" Package

President Elect Joe Biden announced the economic stimulus package that tackled the $ 1.9 trillion Covid-19. The American Rescue Plan includes measures that the vaccines will be widely distributed, and incentives aimed at keeping families and businesses afloat.
What is in the Rescue Plan?
  • -Direct payments of $1,400 to Americans, bringing the total relief to $2,000, including recent $600 payments
  • -Increasing the federal, per-week unemployment benefit to $400 and extension till  end of September 2021
  • -Increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour
  • -Extending the eviction and foreclosure moratoriums until the end of September 2021
  • -$350 billion in state and local government aid
  • -$170 billion for K-12 schools and institutions of higher education
  • -$50 billion toward Covid-19 testing
  • -$20 billion for national vaccine program
  • -Making the Child Tax Credit fully refundable for the year and increasing the credit to $3,000 per child 
President Elect Joe Biden said “We have to act, and we have to act now. I know what I just described does not come cheaply, but failure to do so will cost us dearly,” 
Is Congress Ready to Approve the Biden's New Package?
U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Incoming Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer  said that Congress would get right to work on President-elect Biden’s stimulus package."The emergency relief framework announced by the incoming Biden-Harris administration tonight is the right approach,”said by Pelosi and Schumer said in a joint statement. Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Republican Senator Josh Hawley indicated to support the Biden's package however Democrat Joe Manchin has expressed his skepticism on the package after Biden's press conference.

NYC Mayor Blasio:"We won't let the pandemic spread again in the city."

New York is at the top of cities where most deaths due to the Coronavirus have happened and most cases recorded. Besides pandemics, New York also struggled with protests, increasing crime rates, and economic challenges in 2020. Previously referred to as "the city that never sleeps," New York is now almost transformed into a "ghost city." The City of New York faced a severe economic loss in 2020. Over eighty percent of the entertainment and service industries, as well as restaurants, which are the pillars of the city, have been incapacitated. Hundreds of thousands of people who work in the service industry have lost their jobs.

Mayor de Blasio has called upon New Yorkers who are not feeling well, not going to work, work from home if possible, and not using public transportation, like the buses and the subway.
Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the St. Patrick's Day Parade, which has been traditionally held in Manhattan in March every year since 1762, could be canceled.
He also stated that they plan to take specific measures related to the Broadway shows and that some plays could be canceled. The New York Auto Show, one of the leading exhibitions of the automotive sector, has been canceled.

"We won't let the pandemic spread again in the city."

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said that all passengers arriving in New York from other countries would be required to fill a form once they have landed at the airport and that they would be monitored closely by the authorities.

Mayor de Blasio stated that the same procedures would be implemented against those arriving in the city with their own vehicles, by train, and by bus.,

De Blasio said that documents indicating that they are in quarantine will be mailed with return receipt requested from the 

New York City Police Commissioner's office to the hotels or homes of the people coming to New York from abroad and that their health status is going to be closely monitored by the Department of Health.


Biden: "The Incidents are a Result of Trump's Attack on Democracy"

Joe Biden, the US President-Elect, has said that President Trump has provoked the Capitol Building incidents. He described the incident, during which Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Building, as an "attack on the supremacy of law."
Speaking in Wilmington, Delaware, Joe Biden described the incidents of yesterday as "One of the darkest days in U.S. history."

Appearing before the media to announce his Attorney General nomination, the President Elect Biden indicated that the people who stormed the Capitol Building could not be described as protestors. He used the term "domestic terrorist" to describe them.

"If they were black protestors, they would have been treated differently."

After the events that took place yesterday in the congress building, the criticism that the security forces were inadequate during the incident was brought up.
Joe Biden compared the intervention of security forces during George Floyd's protests with the intervention during the events yesterday and said it is clear that there was no equal practice of justice, "If they were black protestors, they would have been treated differently," he added.

Joe Biden said: "For the last four years, we have had a president who demonstrates that he disregards the rule of law, our democracy, the Constitution in everything he does.

President Elect Biden nominates Garland as the Attorney General.

Joe Biden declared that he nominated Merrick Garland, the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals, as the Attorney General. Garland was former Democratic President Barack Obama's Supreme Court candidate, but his nomination was blocked by Republicans.

Following the election results from Georgia, Democrats, who now have the majority of seats in the House of Representatives, have also taken control of the Senate.

Joe Biden said he thinks Garland, whom he nominated as the Attorney General, could rapidly get Senate approval.In the case Garland gets Senate approval, it is said that he will assign a black Judge from Washington District, Ketanji Brown Jackson, as the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals in Garland's place.
However, an official statement has not yet been made yet from Biden's transition team regarding this.

Joe Biden Receives Coronavirus Vaccine on Live Broadcast

President-Elect  Biden received the first dose of Coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer at ChristianaCare Hospital in Newark, Delaware. 

The President Elect said, "There is nothing to worry about," and called all American citizens to vaccinate. Joe Biden's shot has been administered by Tabe Masa, who is a nurse practitioner at the hospital. After receiving the vaccine, he made a statement related to health care professionals and scientists: "We owe these people a lot. We owe the scientists, the people who developed this vaccine, and also those who implement clinical studies. "

President-Elect Biden also mentioned the Warp Speed Operation, which started to be able to develop a Coronavirus vaccine and to prepare for the vaccination process, and said the Trump administration deserves some credit for those efforts.

Biden noted that country-wide administration of the vaccine is going to take some time and urged Americans to listen to health professionals and, if possible, not to travel during the Holiday season.

Jill Biden also had her shot earlier today.President Elect said" She loves shots, I know," Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is expected to receive her Coronavirus vaccine next week.
First doses of the Moderna vaccine have started to be administered.
After the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted permission to the Moderna-developed Coronavirus vaccine, the vaccine joined Pfizer's in approved vaccines and its first doses of has started to be administered.

Collaborating with the federal government, Walgreens and CVS aim to vaccinate 7 million people at 70 thousand elderly care centers.Some states wait for access to Moderna's vaccine due to its ease of delivery and storage.

 U.S. Secretary of Health, Alex Azar, stated that around 50 million people were expected to receive the first dose of vaccine by the end of January.
Covid-19 Projections by IHME : 
561,669 Deaths by April 1, 2021
Current Covid-19 Numbers in the U.S.
Covid-19 Cases: 18,473,716 
Death Toll:326,772
Reference: Worldmeter
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