Ali Cinar

Ali Cinar

Ali Cinar has been in journalism since 2002 starting with Turk of America Magazine ( which is the first Turkish-American magazine in the U.S. He was accredited by United Nations in 2007 and State Department in 2010 .He has also half page column called “Agenda in the U.S.” at Milliyet Newspaper that is one of the most well-known Turkish daily newspapers published in Istanbul, Turkey since 1950 ( ) He was written opeds on Washington Post, World Affairs, Washington Times, U.S News, SAIS (John Hopkins University Publication) and quoted on The Jerusalem Post, NBC News(quotation), The Politico Europe Fox News and many more. He is a member of United Nations Correspondent Association, American Press Association, NY Press Club, Association of Foreign Correspondents in the USA and Society of Professional Journalist. He appeared on PBS News Hour, CBNC, FOX Business, Fox News Radio, Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg Radio, BBC TV, BBC Radio, NewsMax TV, Al Jazeera English, Canada TV, Al Jazeera Arabic, I24 News, Voice of America, France 24, CGTV, SkyNews, CNN Turk, NTV, Haberturk TV, A News, TRT Haber, Ekoturk TV, TRT World and Halk TV. Over the course of his career, Cinar has earned a number of accolades including Leader of the Year by the Assembly of Turkish American Association, One of the Top 10 Most Successful Young People by Junior Chamber International (JCI), and one of the 50 Most Influential Turkish Americans by Turk of America Magazine. Ali Cinar was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 2019 and was the youngest Turkish American to receive this distinction in over 30 years.He received a "Community Service Award' by NYPD MT&S. After receiving his undergraduate degree from the Istanbul University, Cinar moved to the United States to continue his education. While completing his master’s degree at the University of New Haven, he worked as a Research Assistant at the Communication Department. During that time he also served as the President of the International Students Association and was awarded the “Outstanding International Student” Award. Cinar has earned various executive certificates from Harvard University, MIT and New York University.

New York Mayor Adams: New York City is America's Istanbul

The October 29 Republic Day celebration ceremony was held on Wall Street, the financial heart of New York. The Mayor of New York, Eric Adams, who attended the ceremony, praised Turkey as a good friend of the U.S. and compared New York City to Istanbul.

 New York Mayor Eric Adams stated that he had been to Turkey 6 to 7 times and that he was fascinated by Turkey's history. 'I traveled from Istanbul to Cappadocia. We became sister cities with Üsküdar. New York is America's Istanbul,' Adams said. 'The Turkish flag will be raised. These are important moments.'

"We want to continue to thank this community, the people of Turkey, small business owners, you believe in education, you believe in public safety, you believe in the power of really reaching out across our different cultures and making this a great city. And I want to thank all that are here as we raise the flag. The energy is to raise the spirit and energy of our city." Mayor added.

New York City's October 29 Republic Day Celebration Statement was presented to Reyhan Özgür, Consul General of Turkey in New York.

Turkey's Permanent Representative to the UN, Feridun Sinirlioğlu, Turkish military representatives, New York's local politicians, and members of the Turkish-American community also attended the program.

After the speeches at the ceremony, the United States flag and the Turkish flag were hoisted to accompany the national anthems.

İbrahim Kurtuluş, one of the Turkish-American community leaders who organized the program, said, 'Every year, we traditionally celebrate our national days with our American friends with flag hoisting ceremonies.'

Secretary Blinken: Russia 'Weaponizing Food' by Suspending Grain Exports

U.S. Secretary of State Blinken, saying that the U.S. regrets Russia's withdrawal from the Black Sea Grain Initiative agreement, calls on Moscow to continue the deal. Here is the full statement from State Department:

"The United States regrets Russia’s suspension of its participation in the operations of the U.N.-brokered Black Sea Grain Initiative.  We urge all parties to keep this essential, life-saving Initiative functioning. 

The Black Sea Grain Initiative has already moved more than 9 million metric tons of food and brought prices down around the world, which has been critically important for low- and middle-income countries.  It has been a success and must continue. 

Any act by Russia to disrupt these critical grain exports is essentially a statement that people and families around the world should pay more for food or go hungry. 

 In suspending this arrangement, Russia is again weaponizing food in the war it started, directly impacting low- and middle-income countries and global food prices, and exacerbating already dire humanitarian crises and food insecurity. 

We urge the Government of Russia to resume its participation in the Initiative, fully comply with the arrangement, and work to ensure that people around the world continue to be able to receive the benefits facilitated by the Initiative."

What would happen next?

After Russia's decision, the United Nations Security Council is expected to meet this week. In addition, Turkey, which plays a vital role in the grain agreement with Russia, is scheduled to meet with Turkish and American officials this week. 

The Black Sea Grain Initiative, carried out under the coordination of Turkey for the solution to the global food crisis, was signed on July 22, in Istanbul, between Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, and the United Nations (U.N.) under the auspices of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.


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The White House: U.S. will respond if Russia targets satellites

National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby stated that the U.S. would respond if Russia targeted commercial satellites.

John Kirby had two press conferences, one at the White House and the other at the National Press Club, briefing American and foreign press correspondents regarding Biden-Harris foreign policy priorities.

Kirby was asked about the statements of Konstantin Vorontsov, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, during the U.N. General Assembly, saying the commercial satellites of the U.S. could be 'legitimate targets' for Russia if the U.S. insisted on assisting Ukraine.

Kirby said that Russian President Vladimir Putin's waging war in Ukraine is 'provocative and dangerous' and stated, 'We will continue to support Ukraine openly and honestly. Nothing will change our attitude. I will just tell you this: Any attacks on U.S. infrastructure will be responded to.'

Kirby rejected the allegations of Republicans against Biden's blank check to Ukraine and said, 'We did not provide a blank check. We assisted as required.'

Kirby; Putin is  the leader of a modern nuclear power

John Kirby said that President  Biden has been very clear that there will be severe consequences should they do that, and it wouldn’t – it wouldn’t just be from the United States. He added that it would be from so much of the rest of the international community.

"We have to – we don’t consider that bluster. He’s the leader of a modern nuclear power, and we find it irresponsible and reckless to be using the kinds of language he is when he’s talking about the potential use of nuclear weapons. So again, I’m not going to telegraph here publicly what options the President might consider. I’ll – I think it’s best left in his own words, which is that there would be severe." he said at the press briefing

US and Allies continue to support Ukraine

"We continue to work closely with allies and partners throughout the continent with respect to what Russia’s doing in Ukraine, which is obviously devastating to the country of Ukraine, the people of Ukraine, particularly in recent days and weeks here where they have deliberately targeted civilian infrastructure and innocent Ukrainian civilians. And so we are working closely with allies and partners to make sure that we are helping Ukraine get the security assistance they need to defend themselves, and so that when – if and when this comes to a negotiated settlement, Mr. Zelenskyy can succeed at the table as well." John Kirby said.

The U.S. and its Allies say Russia is wasting the U.N. Security Council's time.

U.S. and its Allies stated that Russia wasting the U.N. Security Council's time and spreading a conspiracy by reiterating the claims that the U.S. and Ukraine have a 'military biological program.'

Barbara Woodward, the U.K. Ambassador to U.N., in her statement to the Council, asks, 'How much more of Russia's nonsense do we have to endure?'

Russia pressed complaints at least two times at the Security Council regarding Ukraine's biological weapons program. The U.S. and Ukraine responded that they had no biological weapons program.

Russia, having pressed for a formal investigation, drafted a Security Council resolution to form a commission of 15 members. Although allowed under the 1975 Biological Weapons Convention, this right has never been exercised.

The U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, stated that Russia's allegations were 'pure fabrication brought forth without a shred of evidence.'

The U.N. disarmament authorities have said for a long time that the U.N. is not aware of any biological weapons program in Ukraine. Russia invaded its neighbor Ukraine on February 24, and today, President Vladimir Putin shows no regret after eight months of the war.

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