Elif Ozmenek

Elif Ozmenek

Investing in New York

By Elif Ozmenek
New York is like quicksand that can pull you down into the ground if you don’t know her, but if you know her, this city offers you endless opportunities. New York is also among the six target states that the council led by State Minister Kursad Tuzmen has chosen to focus on with the aim of increasing the volume of trade with the USA.

Dr Oz: "Americans Were Not Able to Understand What Islam Was"

“As a Turkish surgeon, I was not much affected by 9/11; however I happen to have observed its effects closely on Arabs, particularly the Saudis, as well as the Afghani, Iraqi and Pakistani populations…” says the world-famous heart surgeon Mehmet Oz.

American Dream Is Over

A tiny but a well-known restaurant on 73rd Street and 2nd Avenue in Manhattan: Its name is Üsküdar.  What seems quite unknown on the other hand is that its chef, İbrahim Özdemir, whose meals Americans adore, no longer sees America as the country of dreams after 9/11…

"Turkey Is Safer than New York"

It was September 10, 2001, when Seyhan Erden Arkonaç started to teach at New York University, leaving his position in Boston at North Eastern University due to the change of his wife’s job... 
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