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Looting hit a Turkish-owned pharmacy store in the U.S

The protests that were sparked by the death of African American George Floyd at the hand of the Police continue to flare across the USA. The damage in businesses looted by the protesters in the demonstrations that spread to many states is remarkable. The pharmacy store owned by Mehmed Bülend Uğur, the President  of the Turkish American Pharmacists Association (TAEB), got its share from the attacks of the protesters in New Jersey hit by the protests.  Even prescription drugs in the pharmacy were stolen by the protesters who had been looting all over the city.


Mehmed Bülent Uğur, President of the Turkish-American Pharmacists Association (TAEB),spoke with Ali Cinar from Turk of America  shared all details about the incident in his pharmacy. Ugur said, "Yesterday evening, unfortunately, they broke into our pharmacy in groups of 5 to 10 people within minutes of each other. As you can see in the videos, they scattered when the Police arrived. But they stole the money in the cash register and even the prescription drugs of our patients. They stole the prescription drugs that were supposed to be delivered to the patients today. These individuals are not from Trenton; they have come here from another town. Four of them have been apprehended by the Police."


Ugur, a graduate of the Istanbul University, Faculty of Pharmacy and a pharmacist in the city of Trenton, NJ for the last 15 years stated; "It is very wrong for the Police to kill someone through brutality, but the response in the form of looting is not the right way. Furthermore, they all know about drugs. While some of them took what they could, others knew exactly which drugs they were going for. And they all scattered when the Police arrived. The weird thing is, our alarm did not go off. We have a deafening alarm system. We got a call from our warehouse, and they warned us, "In case of another attack which is expected in the next 48 hours, take necessary measures!"

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser unveils large street banner reading 'Black Lives Matter'

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser shared the painting made on 16th Street, which became the center of protests in response to the killing of African American George Floyd while in the custody of the police in Minnesota, on her Twitter account and announced that an intersection near the White House was renamed to Black Lives Matter Plaza.

Each of the 16 bold yellow letters spans the width of the two-lane street, creating a huge visual easily spotted by aerial cameras and virtually anyone within two-three blocks.

Mayor Bowser sent a letter to  President Trump, stating that she ended the “state of emergency” situation and the curfews in the city, and requesting that he withdraw the National Guard soldiers in the city.

Per President Trump's request,Pentagon moved 1,600 active-duty troops to the Washington area as the military is playing a critical role in responding to protests in the nation's capital,Washington,DC .

Turkish Americans in the 2020 Elections!

In April, Aycha Sirvanci Sawa achieved a stunning election win to become the City Comptroller of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. What's Next for Turkish Americans in the 2020 Election Year?  The next-go-around for Turkish Americans at the ballot box is this July. Two Turkish American lawyers are running in elections in the states of New Jersey and Louisiana. The outcome of these polls could be historically significant for the Turkish American community.

Candan Tamerler, Ph.D. Elected as President of TASSA

Candan Tamerler, Ph.D. was elected as President of the Turkish American Scientists & Scholars Association (TASSA). Dr. Tamerler is a Wesley G. Cramer Professor and Associate Dean of Research at the University of Kansas School of Engineering.

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