Foreign Trading

Foreign Trading (28)

"For Turkey’s $100 billion export target for the year 2010, the US economy is an important market, with its capacity of $12 trillion.  However, Turkey’s share from this market is currently 3 per thousand. Turkey has made huge effort and within the following two-year period the government will organize special activities in the six target states (New York, Texas, California, Illinois, Georgia and Florida.) "

"Times of Economic Crisis are Always A Good Opportunity For Investments"

Barbaros Karaahmetolu and Thomas Luz.

As the effects of the economic crisis spreads across the United States, companies that are closing, those who cannot get their outstanding receivables, those who are freezing their investments and those who are shrinking their markets are all lining up.

Investing in New York

By Elif Ozmenek
New York is like quicksand that can pull you down into the ground if you don’t know her, but if you know her, this city offers you endless opportunities. New York is also among the six target states that the council led by State Minister Kursad Tuzmen has chosen to focus on with the aim of increasing the volume of trade with the USA.

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