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"Turkey's gold export was 842.6 million dollars in 2004. The total volume of the sector is around 4.5 billion dollars. This corresponds to 2.3 percent of the GNP. When considered within its own dynamics, the gold sector is very precious to Turkey. What if this were evaluated taking into consideration the U.S. market? What would the picture look like?"

The 'Unmatched' of 47th Street

On 46th and 47th Streets, where Manhattan’s heart of jewelry sector pulsates, the commotion of the day has ended and the mall tradesmen enjoy the peace and quite of ending a long day. Besides a lot of large and small scale Turkish firms, most of the Turkish people, such as artisans and shop assistants, make their living in the gold sector in the Mecca of goldsmiths.

Lord of the Rings: Benchmark

Benchmark founded by father Hamit Tosyali, his sons Alican and Berkhan on duty. Hamit Tosyali has stayed in Vietnam for five years where he intended to stay for only one year. Benchmark sells a total of 400 thousand rings a year, 150 thousand of which is in foreign countries and 250 thousand in the USA.

Leader of the World of Chains

Istor Kuyumculuk, based in Istanbul, Turkey is one of  the strongest jewellery manufacturing companies in Turkey. The wholesale showroom is located in the Bazaar-Market Of Gold Jewelry in Istanbul, and there is also a branch office in New York, USA.

Polat Gold is Determined to Become a Brand

Polat Gold  is established as a  manufacturing company in1964. Polat Gold, which continues its production in its 32300 square  feet factory premises with all its employees who has adopted the principle of superior quality and customer satisfaction, exports all of its produce.

Importing Jewelry Into The United States

By C.J. Ericsson *
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US Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) is responsible for enforcing the laws and regulations of over forty government agencies. Importers of jewelry must be compliant not only with CBP requirements, but those of the Department of Treasury, Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) and Transportation Security Administration, to name a few.

Transition from Tradesmanship to Industry

Ahmet Karbeyaz*

The goldsmith sector is a fast-improving one in Turkey, a country which is home to arts, crafts and industry simultaneously. Goldsmithery, which also is one of the powerhouse sectors of Turkey in terms of production, investment and employment, has begun to break free of its tradesman structure and has started to become an industry.
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