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Sephardic Cuisine

By Viki Koronya
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Sephardic Jew brought along with them from Spain not only their customs and practices but also their cuisine.  Going through a number of  changes over the generations, these traditions are left to us as an inheratence.  The changing conditions of life have caused them to begin to disappear.  In our time, less time is spent in the kitchen.  For example, instead of first boiling a certain food and, then, broiling or baking it in the oven, simpler dishes, such as a salad and grilled meat, are preferred.  

The Turkish Oscar Schindlers

Ali Çınar
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Some call them the Turkish Oskar Schindlers for what they did to rescue Jews of Turkish origin. Necdet Kent was consul general in Marseilles, France, between 1941 and 1944, Selahattin Ülkümen was a consul in Rhodes during the Second World War, and Namık Yolga was the Vice-Consul at the Turkish Embassy in Paris, France.

Ottoman Synagogue Money and Jewish Printing in the Ottoman Empire

The Money of Ottoman Synagogue, 19th century, Ashkenaz Synagogue (Tunc Buyurgan, Aykiri Paralar)

The use of paper money (Kaime) during the reign of Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz (1867-1876) was unsuccessful.  In the following years, on the eve of the Ottoman-Russian war, the provision of funding requirements made it necessary for Sultan Murat V to attempt to establish its use again. The Sultan announced the Kaime Regulation to restart printing kaime on August 6th, 1877. However, the new Kaimes were not exchanged for gold and silver.  The value of the paper currency began to fall and the public lost confidence in using Kaimes.

Beyond Babylon Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum

A globalizing world, developing trade routes, and communication networks connecting these to the world... Every type of product and merchandise that you can think of can be marketed to the four corners of the globe. Today these things are normal and common... But 4000 years ago, what kind of goods were used in trade between civilizations, and how were they transported?

A Talented Guitarist and A Fine Pianist

Ayşe Önal Zamboğlu - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - California is fortunate to have two very talented musicians; Zeynep Üçbaşaran and Mesut Özgen. Both artists are natives of Turkey and are renowned for their extraordinary talent. This special California issue gives us the chance to take a close look at these two musicians’ careers and share their successful life stories with you.

Neither Too Far Nor Too Close

By Elif Özmenek

The face of New York changes with every street … I leave Chinatown, with its heavy smell of ducks hanging in the storefronts like bunches of hairpins, and move to Little Italy accompanied by the smell of cakes fresh from the oven.

Hollywood Needs a Turkish Story

The Turkish image in Hollywood has revolved around movies with no artistic value but which were used to spread propaganda such as “Midnight Express”, directed by Oliver Stone, or “Laurence of Arabia” and “Ararat”. The Turkish characters are shown only when there is a need for an evil Middle Easterner in a scene or when a villain is needed for a fight scene with the main character.
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