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TCA's Chairman and Founder Dr. Yalcin Ayasli Receives 2020 Ataturk Distinguished Humanitarian Award

TCA's Chairman and Founder, Dr. Yalcin Ayasli, was a keynote speaker and recipient of the 2020 Ataturk Society of America Ataturk Distinguished Humanitarian Award at the 100th Anniversary of National Sovereignty & Children's Day and the inauguration of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Ayasli emphasized the importance Ataturk placed on science in our lives as we all face the impacts of the current pandemic, referring to Ataturk’s timeless, enlightening words: "Science is the real true guiding principle in life".

Dr. Ayasli also reminded the audience of Ataturk’s wisdom in seeking lasting peace with former enemies, in advancing women’s equality and recognition in society, in endowing young people with a special responsibility to protect their nation and their future, his foresight in building a national industrial and agricultural base, his designation of not only science and education but also culture as the cornerstones of an advanced society, and very importantly, his strict separation of the roles of government and religion A full video of Dr. Ayasli's speech, is available on the TCA website.
The former Turkish Ambassador to the United States, Honorable Dr. Sukru Elekdag also participated in the virtual ceremony and relayed personal congratulations to Dr. Ayasli, highlighting his achievements and contributions over the years through the foundations he has formed. Excerpts from his remarks can be found here in English and Turkish.

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