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"From Dallas to Chicago, from New York to Washington, D.C., in every corner of the U.S., Turkish women successfully stand in the forefront with their success in business and professional life, and academics. Here are the Turkish women and their success stories."

Turkish-American Celebrity, Defne Joy Found Dead in Istanbul

ImageTurkish-American television host and actress Defne Joy Foster, 32, was found dead in an apartment Wednesday in Istanbul's Caddebostan neighborhood. Foster reportedly went out with friends Tuesday night and stayed in her friend's apartment on Tanzimat street in Caddebostan, where she was found dead. The report said Foster was suffering from asthma.

She was thought to have died from respiratory difficulty and a heart attack. The certain cause of death will be determined after an autopsy, the report said. Foster, the daughter of a Turkish mother and an American father, had married three years ago and had a son. She first appeared on TV screens as a VJ on Kral music channel and later went into acting on various TV series.

Foster last participated in "Yok Böyle Bir Dans," the Turkish version of "Dancing With the Stars," where she was eliminated last week.
Source: Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey's Honorary Consul Positive About Georgia Ties in 2011

Image Mona Diamond was appointed the Turkish honorary consul general for the state of Georgia in 2005. In the same year, she became the chairman of the American Turkish Friendship Council, a not-for-profit organization for the promotion of close relations between the United States and Turkey.

In 2009, she organized and chaired an International Women’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership Summit in Istanbul, Turkey, and in September 2010, she partnered with two Turkish American business organizations and the American Chamber of Commerce Executives to head a delegation of civic and business leaders from throughout the U.S. to several Turkish cities.

Ms. Diamond responded to the following questions from GlobalAtlanta about her current activities in promoting relations between Georgia and Turkey as well as her plans for the coming year, including her efforts to open a breast cancer clinic in Mersin, Turkey.

The Star of the Opera

Bonn, Germany – The word Bonn immediately connotes the capital of West Germany during the cold war years, prior to the fall of the Berlin wall, and the birthplace of  Ludwig van Beethoven. Bonn, which was the capital of Germany from 1949-1999, is a charming city with a 2000-year long history and a population of 314,000, located 20 km south of Köln.

The First Turkish Physical Therapist in Dortmund

Dortmund, Germany - It is possible to meet people in every kind of profession among the Turkish population living in Germany. The second generation of Turks are inclined to prefer areas requiring more specialization as compared to other sectors; having the advantage of being fluent in two languages, they are able to move towards different professional areas.

The Director on the Trail of the Sultan

Muge Mengu – New York
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Such discussion topics as whether art is innovative anymore, or claims such as the visual arts have reached their boundaries, have lost their meaning in the technological age. While computer media give us the opportunity to modify the moving image in thousands of ways, the opportunities of the seventh art, cinema, have also remarkably increased.

An Iron Lady at Picasso: Sevin Otgunc

When ranked according to their turnover, Picasso Travel is one of the first five tourism agencies in the U.S. Sevin Otgunc is a female executive in charge of the expanding trend of the company and she has been directing the operation in the New York Office for 14 years. Picasso Travel, whose headquarters is in Los Angeles, opened its first branch in New York in 1990. Picasso Travel’s New York branch provides $55M of the company’s total sales volume which is reported as $135M in 2003.
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