Protests Continue Against Trump's 'Muslim Ban' in New York

Featured Protests Continue Against Trump's 'Muslim Ban' in New York

By Ali Cinar- Brooklyn, NY -  Over 1,000 Yemeni  owners along from other Ethnic Communities  from across the five boroughs joined the elected official leaders at a rally outside Brooklyn Borough Hall against President  Trump‘s ban on travel from their native land. Many of them has closed their stores to show their disappointment to the Trump Administration. There were also many banners and signs of Support #MyYemeniNeighbor  and We #UnifyANDDefy at the rally.

Borough President Adams made opening remark :” Today is our day! We are here to protest, to pray and to show we are patriotic. We, too, are American. With your display today of closing your businesses, you are sending a clear and loud message to America that you have the right and your families have the right to be part of the American dream. You have the right to be part of what America stands for. You too are American"

There were protests at JFK and Battery Park last week in order to support the Muslim Communities who are impacted with the Trump executive order.

NYPD  is making sure that protests are done in a proper manner also NYPD Stepped Up Security at Mosques After 'Terrorist Attack on Muslims' Leaves 6 Dead in Canada.We have seen many NYPD Officers waiting for the security reasons in front of the Islamic Cultural Centers that are located in New York.

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio had also released a Statement on Presidential Executive Order Regarding Refugees and Immigration

Here is what he said “As an American and the grandson of immigrants I am profoundly saddened by the President’s Executive Order on immigration issued today. The United States has been a beacon of hope to the world.

We are a country founded on the belief of religious pluralism and equality. Today the President sent a shamefully different message. He has temporarily suspended nearly all refugee admissions, indefinitely banned refugee admissions from Syria, and imposed a 90-day ban on all immigration from a number of Muslim-majority countries.

These policies do not reflect the values of the United States or of New York City. We must continue to embrace refugees in need who are victims of terror, not terrorists. We must protect and celebrate religious pluralism. In this great city of immigrants we will remain true to our values and always welcome all who yearn to breathe free.”

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