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Runes of Magic to Receive Turkish and Latin American Localization from Aeria Games

Image Aeria Games seems to be making a niche for itself localizing games into neglected regions. Earlier this year, it was announced that the company would take on the localization for Perfect World International for Latin America. Now it's doing the same thing for another game, taking the responsibility of localizing Runes of Magic for both the Latin American market and the Turkish market. That means all of the current live features of Runes of Magic in your native language, assuming your native language is Spanish, Portuguese, or Turkish.

Internet security Provider Addresses Real Dangers of Holiday Shopping Season

Image Based on reports about Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, mobile electronics are taking center stage this holiday season. And while news reports have focused on the aggressive crowds of Black Friday, Internet security provider Comodo believes the role mobile devices have played in this year's sales spotlights a far greater danger for the 2011 holiday season – unprotected mobile shopping and lack of security on the mobile devices purchased by shoppers.

American Journal Experts Launches Turkish Translation Service

Image DURHAM, N.C., American Journal Experts (AJE) now offers Turkish translation to help researchers publish their work in English-language journals. AJE's specialized translation service matches each manuscript with a native-speaking translator who works in the author's field of study.

"The biggest challenge in scientific translation is preserving the author's meaning," said Dr. Laura Stemmle, AJE's Director of Operations. "Having translators who understand the research behind the paper prevents errors that could misrepresent results that scientists have spent months or years on in the lab."

Turkey's First Superhero Is Saving the World!

Image The future of our planet is in danger. Turkey’s first Superhero SüperCan is coming to save the world from evil robots that are destroying the trees and polluting the environment. In this environment themed game, SüperCan fights against evil robots from space who come to destroy the world by cutting down our trees. SüperCan is assisted by Marvel’s legendary heroes Spider-Man, Iron Man and Hulk in this difficult mission.

The American Turkish Society Supports Space Camp Turkey

ImageThe American Turkish Society  continues its support for Global Friendship Through Space Education by sponsoring U.S. educators and students to participate in "E-Pal Week" taking place at Space Camp Turkey. The Society's support this summer will allow Jose Estrella, principal of the Manhattan Middle School for Scientific Inquiry, Tina Brunson, a teacher at Patria Mirabal Middle School 324 in New York City, and Olvy Nunez, former student at MS 324 to participate in this special summer session, which brings together email pals from schools in Turkey and United States. Space Camp Turkey will be hosting 28 students from the U.S. this year, one of its largest groups ever, along with students from Turkey and Greece.

Turk Telekom Launches Wirofon Promotion for EF Students

Image Turk Telekom partnered foreign languages school EF International Language Center to launch a Wirofon VoIP service promotion aimed at the school's students. Under the terms of the promotion, the first 10,000 EF students who subscribe to Wirofon will get 500 minutes as a monthly bonus for making calls from abroad to fixed lines in Turkey by the end of the year. Making calls using the Wirofon service is possible using mobile phones or computers with access to the internet.

In addition, Turk Telekom has new promotion for young people. Now Wirofon users free talk with each other 6000 minutes in a month. To get more information about Wirofon service go to here

Sikorsky Wins Turkish Contract

Image Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. won part of a $3.5 billion contract to make helicopters for Turkey's military, beating out rival Agusta Westland of Italy. Sikorsky, the Stratford based subsidiary of United Technologies Corp., on Friday announced the 10-year deal with partner Turkish Aerospace Industry, which calls for 109 utility helicopters and might expand to as many as 600. The aircraft, based on the Black Hawk model, will be built in Turkey with American and Turkish parts. Sikorsky's share of the contract is expected to top $1 billion.

"For many years, Sikorsky Aircraft and Turkish industry have collaborated on aerostructures and dynamic component parts, so this contract would follow a long standing tradition of cooperation," said Jeffrey Pino, president of Sikorsky.

Sikorsky will operate through its 50 percent stake in Alp Aviation, a Turkish company, and intends to expand its capabilities to meet the demand for the contract.

Groupon, Users to Celebrate the Turkey Business' First Year

Groupon is readying to celebrate its first birthday in the Turkish market. Having entered the Turkish market a year ago as the Turkey branch of the European group purchase network City Deal, later to be acquired by the US giant Groupon, the website presently has more than 2.5 million subscribed users has collaborated with almost 5,000 small and medium enterprises in Turkey

Having entered the Turkish market a year ago as the Turkey branch of the European group purchase network City Deal,, a translation of the original name, now a Groupon business, is ready to celebrate its first birthday in the Turkish market.

The online portal presently has more than 2.5 million subscribed users. It also has collaborated with almost 5,000 small and medium enterprises in Turkey and the total amount of saving the company helped its users to achieve so far is around 60 million Turkish Liras, according to company figures provided by the General Manager Emre Ekmekçi.

US-Dutch Firm to Build Europe'ss Biggest Solar Plant in Turkey

ImageGiraSolar, a U.S.-Dutch solar company, has begun talks with a local energy firm to build Turkey’s first and Europe’s biggest photovoltaic power station while also manufacturing solar panels for export to Europe.

“We are planning to build Europe’s biggest solar plant in Turkey,” Chief Executive Officer Wieland M. Koornstra told the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review during a Dutch business mission to Istanbul last week. The mission, which included representatives from 22 companies, was led by Henk Bleker, the Dutch minister for agriculture and foreign trade.

Noting the importance of Turkey in the world’s solar energy sector, Koornstra said GiraSolar had held talks with a Turkish energy giant on building a solar power station in the south of Turkey. He said the plant would generate 100 megawatts of energy.

Ach, Turkey! Is This the Taxi of Tomorrow?

ImageBack in November, the city announced it would be replacing the iconic Crown Victoria with the first-ever purpose-built yellow cab. It released a questionnaire seeking input on what New Yorkers want from their new cab, as well as seeking votes on which of three designs—from Ford, Nissan and Turkish light-truck manufacturer Karsan—people preferred. Last week, the results of the survey were released, and today Karsan leaked the news that nearly 2/3s of the voters like their model, the most unusual of the three for sure. This was compared to 42 percent that liked the Nissan and 38 percent that liked the Ford. (The question was "yes-or-no," not "pick a favorite.")
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