NYPD Announces Citywide Crime Statistics for February 2021

There is an alarming gun violence in City of New York and the gun arrests across  5 boroughs remain at a record high. There is a 42 percent decrease in hate crimes but still seeing anti-Asian hate crimes in five boroughs.

NYPD is dedicated to fighting against anti-Asian hate crimes with 200 additional surveillance cameras.The cameras were installed last week in different spots in the City.  

NYC Mayor Blasio said “I want to ensure every New Yorker that you have the right to walk down our streets, ride our transit system and live your everyday lives unmolested, and not targeted in unprovoked attacks for the way you speak, look or what you believe,”

NYPD's February 2021 Crime Rate Numbers:

For the month of February 2021, NYC saw continued reductions in every major index crime category with the exception of grand larceny auto (GLA). Overall index crime fell 26.5 percent compared with February of last year. The reduction was driven by a 40.4 percent decrease in grand larceny (2068 v. 3471) and a 32.7% decrease in robbery (791 v. 1175). There was also one less murder last month compared to the previous year (21 v. 22).  While felonious assault saw a 7.9 percent reduction compared to February of last year(2020) 1315 v. 1428), shooting incidents increased to 77 v. 44 in February of last year(2020), or +75.0%.

The prevalence of gun violence in City of New York  remains a central focus for the NYPD. 

For the month of February 2021, there were 400 gun arrests. This is an increase of 63.9% compared to February of last year, or 156 more arrests. Bronx and  Brooklyn North are leading the way with 117 and 94 arrests, respectively.  Through ongoing analysis of emerging crime trends, the NYPD shifts personnel to areas experiencing an uptick in violence. 

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea.  “As New York City emerges from one of its most challenging periods, the public safety of all New Yorkers will be essential to our collective success. The men and women of the NYPD are resilient and up to the challenge before us.   Not only are they going in harm’s way to drive down violence like never before, they are also connecting with the communities they serve in innovative, impactful ways.”

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