Atış Group New York Office is Now Open

Atış Group, one of the leading Turkish brands known for its investments and prestigious projects in Turkey, has inaugurated its new office in New York. The grand opening ceremony, which marked a significant milestone in the company's global expansion strategy, took place on June 20 with the attendance of a large group of distinguished guests. Additionally, billboards announcing the opening of Atış Group's New York office were displayed in Times Square, reaching out to the American audience and promoting the city of Bursa.

As part of its ongoing efforts to expand its international presence, Atış Group opened its office on Fifth Avenue, strategically positioning itself in the heart of New York City. Following the establishment of offices in Kuwait and Oman, Atış Group continues its growth and expansion initiatives to provide timely and on-site services to its international clients. The company plans to open offices in a total of 14 countries by the end of the year. With a total investment value of 1.6 billion dollars in its 16-year history, Atış Group has developed over 3,000 living spaces and nearly 200,000 square meters of commercial areas in Bursa. Now, the company is preparing to significantly increase its global presence.

Ahmet Atış: "We aim to increase investment flow to our country"

Ahmet Atış, CEO of Atış Group, expressed his satisfaction with the opening of the New York office, stating, "We are excited to open our office in New York as a strategic move. Our goal is to bring together the opportunities in Turkey with international investors and increase the flow of investments to our country. The completion of the New York office opening will reinforce our success in this region and strengthen our brand presence."

The inauguration ceremony of Atış Group's office in the heart of New York City was attended by valuable guests, including Ahmet Atış, CEO of Atış Group, and Reyhan Özgür, Consul General of the Republic of Turkey. Speaking at the event, Özgür congratulated Atış Group on their initiative, stating that many companies have expressed their intention to open offices in New York but only a few have succeeded. The opening ceremony, followed by an event aimed at strengthening commercial ties between Turkey and the United States, seeks to enhance trade relations between the two countries with the participation of leading Turkish and American businesspeople.

After the office opening, the Bursa International Promotion Association organized a special Bursa Promotion and Investment Night at the New York Turkish House. Speaking at the event, Dr. Melih Şükrü Ecertaş, Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee of Turkish Airlines, expressed their admiration for Atış Group's efforts in promoting Bursa and Turkey. The event, attended by professionals from various sectors such as real estate, health, and finance, provided a platform to introduce Bursa to American investors and business professionals. Sponsored by Atış Construction, the event served as an excellent opportunity to highlight Bursa's investment potential and foster meaningful partnerships between local Bursa companies and international investors. As part of a raffle held during the event, one lucky winner received a round-trip ticket to Turkey and accommodation in Bursa as a gift.

The opening of Atış Group's New York office represents a significant step forward as the company continues its global expansion plans. With its comprehensive expertise in various sectors, including tourism, real estate, finance, and health, Atış Group's collaboration with the Bursa International Promotion Association further emphasizes its commitment to enhancing investment opportunities and strengthening ties with global partners. 

You can watch the opening reception here



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