Ali Cinar

Ali Cinar

Ali Cinar has been in journalism since 2002 starting with Turk of America Magazine ( which is the first Turkish-American magazine in the U.S. He was accredited by United Nations in 2007 and State Department in 2010 .He has also half page column called “Agenda in the U.S.” at Milliyet Newspaper that is one of the most well-known Turkish daily newspapers published in Istanbul, Turkey since 1950 ( ) He was written opeds on Washington Post, World Affairs, Washington Times, U.S News, SAIS (John Hopkins University Publication) and quoted on The Jerusalem Post, NBC News(quotation), The Politico Europe Fox News and many more. He is a member of United Nations Correspondent Association, American Press Association, NY Press Club, Association of Foreign Correspondents in the USA and Society of Professional Journalist. He appeared on PBS News Hour, CBNC, FOX Business, Fox News Radio, Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg Radio, BBC TV, BBC Radio, NewsMax TV, Al Jazeera English, Canada TV, Al Jazeera Arabic, I24 News, Voice of America, France 24, CGTV, SkyNews, CNN Turk, NTV, Haberturk TV, A News, TRT Haber, Ekoturk TV, TRT World and Halk TV. Over the course of his career, Cinar has earned a number of accolades including Leader of the Year by the Assembly of Turkish American Association, One of the Top 10 Most Successful Young People by Junior Chamber International (JCI), and one of the 50 Most Influential Turkish Americans by Turk of America Magazine. Ali Cinar was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 2019 and was the youngest Turkish American to receive this distinction in over 30 years.He received a "Community Service Award' by NYPD MT&S. After receiving his undergraduate degree from the Istanbul University, Cinar moved to the United States to continue his education. While completing his master’s degree at the University of New Haven, he worked as a Research Assistant at the Communication Department. During that time he also served as the President of the International Students Association and was awarded the “Outstanding International Student” Award. Cinar has earned various executive certificates from Harvard University, MIT and New York University.

President Biden's Accomplishments

According to the Real Clear Politics polling averages, 43% of Americans approve of President Biden's job. President Biden had a good year in 2022; however, he will face a new reality next month when Republicans take over the House majority.

President Biden recently tweeted, saying, "Millions of new jobs.More access to affordable health care. Historic investments in climate, infrastructure, veterans' benefits, and gun reform. I'm proud of what we've delivered for the American people this year." 

President Biden turned in the best mid-term performance of any president since John F. Kennedy. (except for George W Bush after the 9/11 attack)

Here are some of President Biden's Accomplishments
-Inflation Reduction Act
-Bipartisan Infrastructure bill
-American Rescue Plan
-Respect for Marriage Act
-Chips and Science Act
-Bipartisan Safer Communities act
-Tackling inflation and lowering costs, especially gas prices, have been down by 1.35/gallon since June, and inflation is moderating.
President Biden is overseeing a historic manufacturing boom in the United States – with more than 750,000 manufacturing jobs having been created since he took office.

He had solid results in Foreign Policy
-He sends B-52 to Australia to counter China. 
-He launched a full-court press against China's domestic semiconductor industry. He signed the most bipartisan gun legislation in decades.
-He secured the extradition of the terrorist charged with the bombing of Pan AM flight 103, which killed 193 Americans.
-He kept Irans IRGC on the U.S. list of foreign terror organizations 
-He won support from Finland and Sweden to join NATO
-He declared the U.S. would defend Taiwan
-He killed Al Qaeda Leader Al Zawarihi
-He provided Full Support to Ukraine. 

President Biden's meeting with Ukrainian President Zelensky was a huge success. President Biden gave a security guarantee to Zelensky to come to Washington, DC; having Zelensky at the White House for over three hours and organizing a joint conference was a solid message to Putin. 

Current Polls (Real Clear Politics)
Biden's average approval rate, in general, is 41.4 % approve,%52.2 disapprove. 
Biden's average approval rate on the economy is 39.3% approve, and 57% disapprove.
Biden's average approval rate on foreign policy is 41.5% approve,51.5% disapprove.
Biden's average approval rate on immigration is 36.8% approve,58.4% disapprove

2024 Presidential Election
Democratic Party is awaiting a formal announcement from President Biden about whether he is running for re-election in 2024 as President Biden is weighing a final decision on whether to run for a second term. Close Friends of President Biden indicates that he is getting ready to run. President Biden said on 60 minutes, "Look, my intention, as I said, to begin with, is that I would run again. But it's just an intention. But is it a firm decision that I run again? That remains to be seen". President Biden said in November that he intends to run for re-election and would likely make a final decision by early next year after declaring the results of Tuesday's midterm elections good for democracy.

Former Intel Vice President Ildeniz to Turkish Entrepreneurs : Try to solve globally scalable problems and focus on the problems of 8 billion people!

Turk of America Journalist Ali Cinar interviewed a prominent pioneer of technology Aysegul Ildeniz regarding the latest developments in the U.S Technology industry

Ayşegül Ildeniz, who worked as a Vice President at Intel, said that the chip issue is an essential strategic matter between the US and China. Ildeniz mentioned that due to a global shortage of semiconductors in 2021 caused by the pandemic, the U.S. economy suffered a loss of $240 million. Ildeniz stated that some Americans could not have cars and computers due to this shortage. She also said that another critical issue in the future would be China threatening Taiwan with its expansionist rhetoric.

In a Bloomberg HT interview, Ayşegül Ildeniz emphasized that "approximately two-thirds of the global semiconductor production is located in South Korea and Taiwan. The U.S. successfully designed chips, but U.S. could not lead the manufacturing position in this industry" Ildeniz added, "Ultimately, the U.S. Congress had to approve a crucial billion-dollar economic package to solve the problem of a lack of semiconductors and the supply chain issues." She emphasized that China invested roughly $600 billion into subtitles, education, R&D, and science.

Ildeniz said there were periodic layoffs in the tech sector and recalled the layoffs in 2001, 2008, and the early 2010s. Ayşegül Ildeniz stated that the number of people employed in the tech sector was 4.7 million before the COVID-19 pandemic, and this number has grown to 5.2 million today. She said that Amazon hired half a million people last year. She indicated that tech firms strive to engage the brightest minds and become competitive. She also said that with the danger of a recession looming in the near future, the firms put great importance on balancing. She reminded us that when there were layoffs, people who lost their jobs went into the business of start-ups to create a brand-new future for themselves. "Cutting-edge technologies have emerged in the previous fluctuations," Ildeniz said.

Ayşegül Ildeniz listed her suggestions to Turkish and Turkish American entrepreneurs: Try to solve globally scalable problems; focus on the problems of 8 billion people and on products and services that everyone can use; and prioritize macro-issues like health, the climate crisis, and energy. She also emphasized that AI and robotics studies are important, and it would be valuable to prioritize services and products related to these fields.

About Aysegul Ildeniz: She is a pioneer in innovation, technology transformation and future vision in Silicon Valley and Istanbul, Turkey. She serves on the boards of Eczacibasi Holding and Zorlu Holding companies: Vestel Electronics, Vestel White Goods and Zorlu Enerji. She served as the Chief Operating Officer for Silver Spring Networks, a publicly owned worldwide leading technology company focused on internet of things and smart energy. Ayse had a successful career at Intel Corporation; last job being the Vice President for New Devices Group she is the chair of TUSIAD Silicon Valley Network and serves on the boards of Turkish Philanthropy Funds and American Turkish Society.

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Biden Administration Provides 275 Million Dollars of Additional Aid to Ukraine

The United States has decided to provide an additional $275 million in military aid to Ukraine to support its efforts in repulsing Russian attacks. In a statement from the White House, it was stated that President Biden approved the aid decision.

The statement also noted that the aim of the new military aid is to strengthen Ukraine's air defense systems in particular. 

The $275 million of military aid provided by the US administration includes High-Motion Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) launchers, 80,000 155-millimeter artillery shells, armored military Humvees, and 150 electric generators.

John Kirby, Strategic Communications Coordinator for the US National Security Council, also told White House reporters that this is the 27th aid package sent to Ukraine based on the approval of the president but without the approval of Congress due to the nature of the emergency.

However, no details were shared about the counter-air defense capability or the counter-unmanned aerial systems equipment, two systems that seem to be new to Ukraine.

A senior Pentagon official said last month that the increase in Russian missile attacks on Ukraine had been partly designed to deplete Kyiv's air defense resources and establish dominance over the country's skies.

To counter these attacks, the US has sent sophisticated anti-aircraft National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems (NASAMS) to Ukraine. These systems have been in operation for several weeks.

Washington had previously announced that it had sent four Avenger short-range air defense systems and HAWK missiles that use Raytheon-made Stinger missiles.

Since February 24, when Russia's attacks on Ukraine began, the US administration has provided around $19 billion and 300 million in security assistance to Ukraine.

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White House Press Secretary: U.S. is in touch with Turkey over tanker delays

White House Press Secretary: U.S. is in touch with Turkey over tanker delays

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told at the press briefing that the White House believes the issue can be resolved. ”We’ve been in touch with Turkey about how the price cap only applies to Russian oil and explained that the cap doesn’t necessitate additional checks on ships passing through Turkish waters. Our understanding is that virtually all of the delayed tankers are not carrying oil from Russia and are not affected by the cap. So, Turkey has made clear they share our interest in a well-supplied market in allowing seaborne oil to transit the — transit the Turkish Straits. They have made clear their goal is to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. And so, again, we’ve been — we’ve been in touch with Turkey, and this is how we — how we’re moving forward. “ Press Secretary Jean-Pierre said.

Almost 20 loaded crude tankers are waiting to cross through Turkiye’s Bosphorus Strait and were carrying Kazakh-origin oil, which is not under a Russian oil price cap policy initiated by the EU. Tanker congestion is estimated to hold over 20 million barrels of oil, equaling 1.2 billion dollars.

U.S. Treasury Deputy Secretary Wally Adeyemo has spoken with Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Onal to discuss the implementation of the price cap and stress that it did not necessitate additional checks on ships passing through Turkish territorial waters.

European price cap on Russian oil that came into effect last Monday. The cap is supposed to limit Russian’s revenues without adding to stress on the world economy by reducing supply. 

Turkiye asks that vessels prove they have insurance that will pay out in light of the new sanctions before allowing them to pass through the Bosphorus strait linking the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

Ongoing communication continues between U.S. and Turkish officials.

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