Trust Your Liquidation & Asset Management Program to AmerTurk

Certain failures, mistakes or commercial errors present other businessmen with opportunities. While every businessman sets out to generate profits, even the best-laid plans flounder at times, however, necessitating the disposal of the business and the stock in hand. Goods once purchased with grand plans in mind need to be sold to minimize losses. This is the point at which the liquidation mechanism comes into play.
It’s not only failing businesses that wish to dispose of redundant stock; on occasion, large concerns contact buyers on the market in order to reduce non-moving or faulty goods.
Harun Sevimli, President&CEO of AmerTurk, Inc.

AmerTurk, Inc. of Santa Clara, California, is one such large buyer in the region. Harun Sevimli, President and CEO of AmerTurk, who focuses mainly on electronic goods, states that he would like to expand the five-year-old company operations to other states in the US. He explains how, despite its relatively short past, the company grew rapidly: “We founded the company five years ago, but our business experience goes way back. This is the result of long and patient work.” Sevimli describes AmerTurk as a full-service asset management and disposition partner.

Although Sevimli focuses mainly on electronic goods left in the warehouses of leading manufacturers, selling them in his own warehouse, he has now branched out into textiles, cosmetics and healthcare products. Sevimli started out with a 1,200sq.ft. warehouse five years ago; now he operates from one of 30,000 sq.ft. In addition to the main warehouse that exclusively handles wholesale, and he also has a 2,000sq.ft. retail store. AmerTurk does not export.
AmerTurk offers goods 30 and 50% cheaper than RRP. Every type of electronic good imaginable is available. The company has a staff force of 13, with Turks in key management positions. Levent Pekmen is the General Manager while Ahmet Kaylan is the store manager.

Sevimli states that they have plans to open branches in such US states as Florida, Texas, and New York. He emphasizes that research is currently underway. He also points out that other major players in California have already made moves towards cooperation.

* AMERTURK is a recognized leader in the liquidation industry.
* Its liquidation, appraisal, valuation and wholesale staff are proven experts.
* The company also conducts partial liquidations to help corporations with their strategic downsizing of re-structuring; this may be including the disposition of slow moving inventory.
* AMERTURK considers a purchase of businesses, inventories and/or equipment outrights!
* When companies need to downsize, the company provides professional expertise.
* AMERTURK also facilitate the movement of equipment from companies of the stage of their life cycle to companies at another, to alleviate the burden on those companies that are overstocked and bring value and productivity to those poised for growth.
AmerTurk, Inc. of Santa Clara, California, is one such large buyer in the region.
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