Foreign Trading

Foreign Trading (11)

"For Turkey’s $100 billion export target for the year 2010, the US economy is an important market, with its capacity of $12 trillion.  However, Turkey’s share from this market is currently 3 per thousand. Turkey has made huge effort and within the following two-year period the government will organize special activities in the six target states (New York, Texas, California, Illinois, Georgia and Florida.) "

Is Turkish Electronics Ready to U.S. Market?

ImageAs the sector is not only that of a unique industry having a market share of 1 trillion USD, and holding the rank of being the highest employer sector for the 21st century, but also has become the basic sector improving all the other sectors. The Electrical-Electronics and Machinery Industry is considered to be one of the major sectors of Turkey, as it is the source of information technology used by the developed nations to ensure competitive advantage.

Turkish Trade Delegation Visits Four States

Muhtar Kent with Cemil Ozyurt, TURKOFAMERICA's editor-in-chief in Atlanta.
The Turkish state minister for foreign trade defined the aim of his visit to the United States as an opportunity to discuss investments in Turkey. "The aim of this visit was also to raise U.S. awareness about Turkey," Turkey's State Minister Zafer Caglayan told. Caglayan said he visited four states and held important meetings, particularly with the executives of leading U.S. companies.

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Kursad Tuzmen, State Minister of Turkey: “We are planning on taking a major step towards exceeding our export objective of USD 125 billion in 2008 and achieving the target of USD 200 billion in 2010.”

Turkish Exporters Should Rediscover the USA

Despite the fact that Turkish exports have been rising uninterruptedly since the 1980s, the recent global crisis means that Turkish exporters must now direct their activities towards new outlets. While Turkey exports 55 percent of its total exports-- quite a conspicuous share--to the countries of the European Union, the USA has remained below its potential as a trade partner.

The Chemicals Sector Has Grown in Spite of the Crisis

Parallel to the effects of the current economic crisis, Turkey has now experienced a decline in its exports for the first time in 32 months. The export figures for October 2008 decreased by 1.87% in comparison to the same month last year and by 21.8% in comparison to last year’s auto industry figures.

Turkish Textile Industry

Halit Narin, President of the International Textile Manufacturer?s Association and chairman of the board of the Turkish Textile Employers Association,

The textile and ready-made clothing sector is one of Turkey’s locomotive industries. Of the approximately 43,000 companies that are operating in the sector, 25% of them are active exporters. Of Turkey’s 500 largest manufacturing establishments, 20% of them are active in the textile and ready-made clothing sector. It is estimated that total investments made in Turkey’s textile and ready-made clothing sector have surpassed $150 billion.
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