The World's First and Only State Supported Trademark Program

A record 39,945 international trademark applications were received in 2007 by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) under the Madrid system for the international registration of trademarks, representing a 9.5% increase on figures for 2006.
For the 15th consecutive year, applicants from Germany have led the list of top filers, followed by users in France, the United States of America (USA) and the European Community (EC). China remains the most designated country in international trademark applications, reflecting increasing levels of trading activity by foreign companies in China.

Turkey, however, remains the only country that is involved in the trademark program on a state level. By November 2008 the TURQUALITY project, which had set out with the slogan, `10 World Brand Names in 10 Years` reached a total of 61 companies. The TURQUALITY project includes a number of Turkish trademarks/brand-names, in a list of sectors that stretches from ready-to-wear and cosmetics to food and electronic name brands. TURQUALITY has explained its mission to TURKOFAMERICA.

What is the annual growth factor of companies which are working under the auspices of the Turquality project?  Is the primary aim of the project to increase the number of such companies, or is it to instill the TURQUALITY philosophy into companies?
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As you know, the TURQUALITY® project started off with the target of creating ten Turkish name brands that would have world-wide recognition in a time period of ten years.   The aim is to identify those brand names that have this kind of potential and to provide the support necessary to accelerate the branding process. Thus, it has never been the aim to increase the number of companies receiving support per se, but there is also no upper limit to the number of projects eligible to receive such support. As a result of this, while there were 46 brand names included in the project by the end of 2007, by November of 2008 that number had risen to 61.  Each Turkish brand name that meets the minimum requirements and which has determined its vision to becoming a world recognized name is eligible to benefit from the TURQUALITY®  support program.

Turquality set off with the slogan of `10 world name brands in 10 years.` By doing so has it become a model for other countries? Are there other countries, besides Turkey, that have set up strategic planning aimed at creating brand names?

The TURQUALITY®  program remains the world's first and only state-sponsored branding project. No other country has yet set up a similar project.

Do you have any statistics on hand about the number of stores owned abroad by companies that are Turquality project participants?

We maintain on-going statistics related to the companies involved in the program. While it is not the sole denominator of the project's activities at this point in time, companies involved in the TURQUALITY® project have approximately 300 overseas operations that are either currently open or at the opening stage.

Among the firms you have supported, are there any that have very quickly achieved notable successes? Can you give us the names of such companies?

The TURQUALITY® program currently includes 61 trademarks operating in 7 different sectors. Because of the very large differences among the sectors, the differences relative to the time they entered the program, and the varying market conditions of the sectors in which they operate, it would not be right at this point to draw any comparisons. On the other hand, a variety of measuring tools are used to monitor the performance and the actions of the companies in the program.

Is it  correct to say that the Turquality project represents governmental policy? Will the Turquality project continue if there is a change of government or of governing officials?

The TURQUALITY®  Project was started under the leadership of Minister of State Kürşad Tüzmen and in a very short period of time this project has gained the attention and approval of both the public and private sectors. The efforts of the TURQUALITY®  Project will continue to be directed both to the vision and the mission of the program.  

        Country of Origin                        2003      2004    2005     2006     2007     Share    Growth
1.    Germany (DE)                             5,559    5,395    5,803    5,663    6,090    15.2%    7.5%
2.    France (FR)                                 3,331    3,518    3,497    3,705    3,930    9.8%     6.1%
3.    United States of America (US)    139    1,737    2,849    3,148    3,741    9.4%    18.8%
4.    European Community (EM)         354    1,852    2,445    3,371    8.4%    37.9%
5.    Italy (IT)                                         1,915    2,499    2,340    2,958    2,664    6.7%    -9.9%
6.    Switzerland (CH)                        2,189    2,133    2,235    2,468    2,657    6.7%    7.7%
7.    Benelux (BX)                               2,189    2,482    2,426    2,639    2,510    6.3%    -4.9%
8.    China (CN)                                     472    1,015    1,334    1,328    1,444    3.6%     8.7%
9.    United Kingdom (GB)                  674        917    1,016    1,054    1,178    2.9%    11.8%
10.    Australia (AU)                              340        683       852    1,100    1,169    2.9%    6.3%
11.    Austria (AT)                                  861    1,181    1,191    1,117    1,134    2.8%    1.5%
12.    Japan (JP)                                   394        692       893       847        984    2.5%    16.2%
13.    Russian Federation (RU)         502        575      604        622        889    2.2%    42.9%
14.    Spain (ES)                                   980        866      854        994        859    2.2%    -13.6%
15.    Turkey (TR)                                 442         593      787        733        717    1.8%    -2.2%
16.    Denmark (DK)                            374         441      510       479         573    1.4%    19.6%
Source: Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks Year Report 2007

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