Turkish Brands Born of German Giants

Germany - The population of nearly 3 million Turks that live in Germany has raised the interest of German firms that are interested in the possibilities of the ethnically-based market. E-Plus, an important company in the German mobile communications market, is currently offering Turks economic rates for both domestic calls within Germany and international calls with Turkey under the banner of its project Ay Yıldız (Crescent and Star). Deutsche Bank's “Bankamız”, or “Our Bank” project is breaking new ground in terms of providing banking services in Turkish.

TURKOFAMERICA examined closer the inter-cultural marketing projects of the German giant companies such as Crescent and Star and Our Bank, both headed up by Turkish managers.


Founded in 1870 in Berlin and boasting assets of 1.1 trillion Euro, Deutsche Bank retains its status as a leader in Germany and Europe and employs 73,000 people working in 75 different countries.

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