Heavy Snorers Are In His Hands

Cologne, Germany- One hundred twenty-five students graduated from Istanbul University's Çapa Medical School in 1977. Of those 125, 17 graduates went to Germany and 12 eventually returned to Turkey. In the years when Turkey's right-left political divide began to grow stronger and more dangerous, Fahri Yıldız decided to stay in Germany following the unfortunate death of a friend in that conflict. 

Having attended high school in the US, it was natural for Yıldız to want to continue his education abroad. In fact, for this reason, after university he decided not to enter the Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) specialization exam. “If I had taken the test, I would have passed it and would have then stayed in Istanbul. My only choice was to not take the exam.” he states.

Instead, he borrowed 3,000 marks from friends in his village and went to Germany to begin taking German language classes at the Goethe Institute. After learning German, he studied at and graduated from Hannover University's Anesthesiology Department. For three years he worked as head assistant. In 1985 he began to work at Ulm University's ENT department. He stayed at the university until 1990. He held a senior position regarding voice anomalies. Dr. Yıldız continues to treat many famous singers as a doctor.

Dr. Fahri Y1ld1z has treated more than 80,000 patients until now and treats 25-40 patients daily.

In Germany, where 90 per cent of patients are in the national insurance scheme, Yıldız, in a strategic calculation, decided to leave the national insurance system. He started to serve only those with private insurance or willing to pay out of their own pocket for services.

Yıldız has been the head of the ENT department at the Pan Clinic (www.pan-klinik.de)  in Cologne since 1999, while from 1991 until 1997 he was the chairman of the Turkish-German Doctors' Association. In those years, there were nearly 1200 Turkish doctors working in Germany. The Pan Clinic boasts of more than ten departments serving many patients.

Yıldız is widely considered to be a foremost expert on snoring and sleep apnea, nose and voice surgery, and problems particular to professional singers. He closely follows developments in the field of snoring and is a world-known doctor in this area. In fact, he is also an innovator in his field. He was the first physician to treat tongue, palate, and tonsil problems and snoring with radio frequencies in Europe. He currently educates and gives seminars to other doctors regarding the technique he developed with German engineers in 2001.


Dr. Yıldız is the only doctor to offer specialized services in ENT in Cologne. According to the doctor, “There were few who were brave enough to open their own private practice but I think that I was able to see the way the wind was blowing early on.” He has treated more than 80,000 patients until now and treats 25-40 patients daily. He not only treats patients from Cologne but also people from other parts of Germany and even people from Russia, Azerbaijan, Arabic countries, Europe, the Ukraine, Africa, and Turkey. Having presented at many international conferences, he brought together ten of the most well-known professors in Istanbul in April 2007 . Having already organized three international conferences until now, Yıldız has presented the treatment methods he has developed in seminars all around the world. (October 2007, 26th issue)


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