Germany Produces and EMS Transports

Dormagen, Germany- According to data from the German Federal Statistics Bureau, Germany’s exports in the first three months of 2008 reached 379.1 billion dollars. This was 21.4% more than the last three months of 2007. The dramatic rise in Germany’s export volume from year to year has also led to an increase in transportation demands.
Germany, which exports everywhere in the world, transports its goods mostly by overland routes and railways to nearby countries. One of the large transport companies in Germany is the EMS Internationale Spedition Und Transport GmbH.
EMS is located in Hackenbroich, a district of Dormagen with a population of 9,000, which is located in the center of Düsseldorf, Cologne and Mönchengladbach.
Seref Tiras, President of EMS, employs approximately 200 people in the transportation sector.

EMS, which handles most of the overland transportation between Germany and Iran, was founded by businessman Şeref Tıraş in 1985. The initials stand for the first letters of Emanuel, Michael and Şeref. When Emanuel and Michael withdrew, the company was left to Şeref Tıraş.

Tıraş, a businessman from Kırşehir who came to Germany in 1972, started to work in 1976. He says, “I sacrificed myself because I am the oldest member of my family.”

Initially, the company began to transport with leased tractor-trailors. EMS’s business capacity enlarged when it began to collaborate with Rhenus Logistics in 1986, one of the largest transport companies in Germany. Tıraş, who paid a visit to Rhenus on November 14, 1986, was able to transfer the transportation rights to carry merchandise between Germany and Turkey and Iran to EMS. He can remember this date very well, because it was his birthday. The business granted to Tıraş by Rhenus, more or less as a birthday gift, enabled the business volume of EMS to grow rapidly.Tıraş who that year had a hired 60-truck fleet, was able to purchase his first tractor-trailor in the fourth month of 1991. Presently, EMS runs a total of 500 trucks, 100 of which are owned by the company.

When transportation to Iran, which initially was being carried out by 500 trucks, decreased to 50, it became evident that the company had to search for new markets. With this, EMS started overland transport to Morocco and Spain in addition to Iran. The new overland routing to Morocco includes every corner of the country. EMS employs approximately 200 people in the transportation sector.

Tıraş, who also entered into the construction sector with the Artı company eight years ago, operates residential and business construction jobs in Turkey and Germany.  EMS has a main office in Istanbul, as well as in Germany.
Tiras, a businessman from Kirsehir who came to Germany in 1972, started to work in 1976.

The large fleet of the EMS transports 288,000 tons of freight per year. Tıraş claims that they are the largest Turkish transport company in Germany. He points out that Turkish companies own the largest transportation fleet in Europe and highlights the fact that the membership of Turkey in the European Union is of significant importance for the transportation sector. As a matter of fact, while in previous years Turkish drivers could drive tractor-trailors with German licence plates, now Germany has banned the driving of trucks with German licence plates by Turkish drivers. EMS is in the process of establishing a company in Bulgaria to surmount such difficulties.

The overland transportation business in Germany is growing an average of 10% every year, in spite of attempts to diminish its contribution to transportation in general. Tıraş believes that due to Germany’s growing export volume, it is impossible to stop this growth. 
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