The Actors in the Ethnic Furniture Market

Vienna, Austria – The total volume of the furniture sector in Austria is estimated to be worth 30 billion dollars. Approximately 700,000 immigrants who live in Austria constitute 15% of this market with 4.5 billion dollars. In addition to the Turkish emigrants, about 500,000 others from countries of the former Yugoslavia, such as Serbia, Bosnia and Slovenia reside in Austria.
Tayfun Demirel, the founder of Hane Furniture in Vienna.

The Austrian companies Wittmann, Ada and Team are the largest of the 7 furniture markets. Approximately 70 furniture manufacturers provide employment for 11,000 people. In 2006, the Austrian furniture manufacturers produced 2.95 billion Euro worth of furniture with  9.5% growth as compared to the previous year. Austria exported 1.4 billion Euro worth of furniture in the same year.

Approximately 15 Turkish companies with head offices in Vienna sell in the ethnic market. The two largest companies in the Turkish market are Evim Furniture and Hane Furniture. Ceyhan Pusmaz, a businessman who owns Evim Furnitur,e recently undertook the European distributorship of Euro 2008’s, organized jointly by Austria-Switzerland, UEFA licenced Turkish supporter products.
Tayfun Demirel, the founder of Hane Furniture, which was established in 10th Vienna in 1999, first went to London to further his education after graduating from Marmara University in 1994. He says: “I decided there was no bread for me in that country, so I came to Austria. I also debated going to Australia or Canada.”
Demirel states that Hane Mobilya, which has 14 employees, sells furniture to approximately 5000 families per year  He claims that they are the top Turkish furniture company in revenues and tax payment.
Demirel, who imports furniture from about 10 different countries in the world, transports to areas 1000 kilometers away from the 1000-square meter store. He points out that most of their customers are 35 years old or older and due to the presence of mostly small homes, customers are more interested in functionality rather than design and decor.


Hane Furniture, which sells from the store, on the internet, or by means of catalogs, also markets the products of such trade names as Aldora, Beyza, Alfabe and Novita in Turkey. The store also sells carpets in addition to furniture.





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