Turkey's TOKI Could Build 100,000 New Houses in Venezuela

ImageThe head of Turkey's Housing Development Administration (TOKI) said on Saturday that his organization could build nearly 100,000 new houses in Venezuela. Commenting on Venezuela's calling on Turkey to extend support for housing projects after a recent flood disaster that left nearly 140,000 Venezuelans homeless, TOKI President Erdogan Bayraktar said his organization could take 10 to 100 contractors to Venezuela as a first step.
Pointing out to Venezulea's need for 2 million residences, Bayraktar said TOKI would be excited to help the flood-hit country. Noting that TOKI had the capacity to develop projects, construct houses and build infrastructural and social facilities thanks to its national and foreign subsidiaries, Bayraktar said, "However, our government should decide on the matter. If we are given the order, we can go to Venezuela". Bayraktar also noted that construction of new housing in Venezuela could create a 6-7 billion USD business volume in the first phase. Flood waters triggered by torrential rains have left scores of people dead and thousands of others homeless in the Central American country since November 24, 2010. Emergencies have been declared in eight states, and the country's Caribbean coast has been particularly hard hit by mud slides. Turkey's relief agency, the Red Crescent, has recently announced that it would send a financial aid of nearly 50,000 USD in an effort to help people in Venezuela who were left homeless after the disaster. A Red Crescent team also travelled to the country to help aid efforts. During his recent visit to Venezuela, Turkish Energy & Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz told Venezuelan officials that TOKI was ready to extend all kinds of support to help Venezuela solve its housing problem. Source: worldbulletin.net
Last modified onSaturday, 06 May 2017 10:07