Turkey Chooses Taggant Technology for Museum Entrance Security

Image The Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey has recently decided to implement INKSURE's machine readable taggant solution for the security of the country's museum and historical site entrance tickets. The Ministry will implement the solution on entry tickets and smart museum entry cards for the next six years. As of 1 January 2011, the cards include a high-security hot-stamped hologram and the tickets include a hologram label. This solution makes the tickets and cards extremely difficult to counterfeit, yet very easy to authenticate in the field. The hologram contains overt security features created by MTM Security, a Turkish hologram manufacturer and covert security features created by InkSure Technologies, an American machine-readable taggant technology manufacturer.
The overt security in the hologram includes a complex foil structure and special effects which makes the hologram difficult to replicate with standard printing equipment. The covert security in the hologram is accomplished with machine-readable taggants (optical codes).

MTM will be administering the security of the museum cards and tickets. The inspectors will perform random checks to ensure that all of the tickets and cards are genuine and not counterfeit. The authentication involves using a forensic-level reader to check for the existence of taggants incorporated into the hologram. The holographic and taggant technology used in the museum tickets is also used to secure tax stamps, bank notes and other high-value documents all over the world.

Burak Elitas, General Manager of MTM said, "We are pleased to offer top-of-the-line holographic security features. Our responsibility is to make sure that Turkish museums and historical sites receive all of the revenue entitled to them from the cards and tickets so that they can continue to educate the people of Turkey."

Viktor Goldovsky, Ph.D., Director of Sales & Business Development at InkSure said, "Holograms with a spectral (taggant) layer added to the foil greatly increase the anti-counterfeiting capability of the hologram. Taggant technology provides immediate forensic-level verification in seconds with zero false positives."

About MTM Security

MTM was established in 1997 as the first hologram manufacturer and consultant in Turkey. MTM is involved in production and organization of holographic materials for security and brand authentication. MTM has been involved in many government security projects. MTM is a member of the IHMA and certified by Intergraf as a Security Printer and Security Hologram Manufacturer.

About InkSure Technologies Inc.

INKSURE Technologies Inc. (INKS.OB) is an industry leader in taggant technology for brand protection, product authentication and document security. InkSure's taggant technology is applied to tens of billions of consumer items and high-value documents annually. The company targets a number of industry sectors, including the financial and pharmaceutical fields, branded products, transportation, and government projects.

InkSure is based in New York City, SEC regulated, and publicly traded under the symbol INKS.OB.

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