The Historic Synagogues of Turkey

Photo by Izzet Keribar.

The Historic Synagogues of Turkey, a 201-page book, published by The American Sephardi Federation, includes the pictures of 34 synagogues in Turkey. The other album book “Synagogues of Turkey” in which the photographs belong to the famous artist İzzet Keribar, the texts are written by researcher Naim A. Güleryüz, and the concept was carried out by Joelle İmamoğlu is published by Gözlem Publishing.
The synagogues in Turkey span from the 3rd century C.E through the early twentieth century. Most of the synagogues were influenced by local architectural designs. Among them is the synagogue of Sardis, discovered during excavations in the 1960s, that is believed to be one of the most grandiose synagogues of ancient times.
Over a period of two months, they traveled more than 6,000 miles to systematically document and study nearly 50 synagogues and former synagogues, resulting in 3,000 photographs and 150 measured architectural drawings, a small portion of which are included in the publication The Historic Synagogues of Turkey.
The Historic Synagogues of Turkey, a 201-page book, published by The American Sephardi Federation
Joel A. Zack, architect, the founder of Heritage Tours Private Travel, set out with a research team in late 1996 to measure, draw, and photograph the synagogues of Turkey. His team included Devon Jarvis, a talented photographer from New York, Ceren Kahraman, then a graduate student in architecture in İstanbul, and Muharrem Zeybek, their driver and logistical facilitator.

The Historic Synagogues of Turkey, a 201-page book, published by The American Sephardi Federation, includes the pictures of  34 synagogues in İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara, G. Antep, Bursa, Edirne, Antakya, Kırklareli, Çanakkale, Kilis, Samsun, Adana, Bergama, Turgutlu and Sardis.

The federation also created, as part of the digital archives of the Center for Jewish History, an on-line archive of 2,827 of Devon Jarvis’s Turkish synagogue photographs.

The project was funded by the Maurice Amado Foundation, the Mitrani Family Foundation  and İzak Şenbahar, a Turkish Jewish businessman in New York.  The synagogue pictures were also exhibited at the Topkapi Museum in the fall of 2008.

Joel A. Zack, The Historic Synagogues of Turkey / Türkiye’nin Tarihi Sinagoglari
ISBN: 978-0-615-23948-4
Library of Congress Control number: 2008936582
Gözlem Gazetecilik ISBN No: 978-9944-944-27-9
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In 2005, the president of the Jewish community of Turkey, Mr. Silvyo Ovadia, approached Izzet Keribar, a world renowned photographer and winner of many international prizes, and offered him to document all the synagogues in Turkey as a legacy to future generations.
?Synagogues of Turkey? in which the photographs belong to the famous artist 0zzet Keribar.
İzzet Keribar embarked on his research by establishing contacts with leaders of various Jewish communities in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, Chanakkale, Edirne and elsewhere in Turkey. His research revealed more than sixty synagogues around Turkey. The texts are written by researcher Naim A.Guleryuz, and the concept was carried out by Joelle Imamoglu is published by Gozlem Publishing.

Unfortunately, many of them suffered substantial deterioration, and others were used for different purposes or completely ruined. The photographer tirelessly set out to capture every detail of the glory and splendor of the synagogues that were once the pride and the heart of the Jewish community in Turkey, in order to preserve them for future memory before the deterioration of time takes its toll.

The result of "The Synagogues of Turkey" project is consisting of more than 70 photographs.  The book’s framework incorporates a ‘promenade course’.  “Synagogues of Istanbul”, covering the areas from Balat to the shores of Marmara and the Princess Islands, the two banks of the Bosphorus on each side, and the neighborhoods of Shishli-Beyoglu-Galata and Haskoy-Kemerburgaz constitutes the first volume and “Synagogues of Thrace-Anatolia”, covering the areas starting with Edirne throughout Thrace, the shores of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, southeast Anatolia and the cities of Ankara and Bursa, constitutes the second volume.

“Synagogues of Turkey” represents ‘the Turkish-Jewish Heritage’ in the best possible way was published on special paper, utilizing the most modern technology, in both Turkish and English.

ISBN: 9789944994255
Publication Date & Place: 2008, İstanbul
Dimensions: 240x310mm, 3200 gr.
Price: 250 TL (166.87 USD)
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