Turkish Days Start

ImageTurkish Days in New York 2010 festival will showcase the Anatolian civilizations, Turkic & Balkan cultures and traditions, and modern Turkey to all New Yorkers. The festivities will start Thursday, September 16th and continue through Thursday, September 23rd 2010. The festival is organized by the Turkish Cultural Center New York and supported by TABID, Turkish-American Business Improvement & Development Council.

During the festival, New Yorkers will experience of Turkish hospitality as they walk through custom-designed world famous Grand Bazaar booths and an Istanbul panorama; dance to the rhythms of the Ottoman Janissary Band; experience the devotion of Whirling Dervishes; Turkic and Balkan Folklore performances; three contemporary Turkish movies; Turkish arts and crafts; and the famous Turkish & Balkan cuisines.

The Turkish Festival has become a tradition which is celebrated by Turkish-Americans, Turkic & Balkan nations together with American friends and families. Last year, more than 200,000 people enjoyed the Turkish Days in New York Festival for 7 days. New Yorkers tasted and enjoyed the best Turkish and Balkan cuisines from a wide variety of food vendors.


Performing Arts at the Terminal
Date: September 16-17, 2010 Thursday and Friday
Time: 8 am-8pm / 8 am-8pm
Venue: Grand Central / Vanderbilt Hall

Grand Central Terminal is located in the heart of Manhattan, on 42nd Street and Park Avenue. It is the one o f the most famous venues and icons of the Hollywood and the U.S. architecture. Every day, around half a million people are visiting this architectural piece of art. Grand Central Terminal also is a home for prestigious companies, world famous performances and grand openings of world sports championships. This is the greatest way to advertise for many prestigious companies for their endeavors.

This year, Turkish Days in New York Festival 2010 will kick off its performing arts program at the Grand Central Terminal. Vanderbilt Hall will showcase a historical tour of Anatolian cultures, customs and architectural beauty of world famous Sehzadebasi Mosque and Ottoman style stage along with famous Grand Bazaar booths. Visitors will experience both past and present as they get a glimpse of modern Turkey and see how its traditional arts & crafts and businesses have evolved throughout time.
Grand Bazaar in the City
Date: September 19, 2010 Sunday
Time: Venue: 9am-6pm
41st Street Betw. 6th Ave & Broadway

Street Fest 2010 will take place at 41st street between Broadway and Sixth Avenue nearby Bryant Park and Time Square. Hundreds of thousands of people will enjoy Turkish food, culture and art exhibits displayed in custom designed tents based on the Ottoman era. One side of the street is designed with the Grand Bazaar and Spice Market booths and showcases the best of the Turkish cuisine from a variety of food vendors in addition to Turkish arts and crafts, cultural and educational exhibitions. On the other side of the street, guests enjoy the beautiful panorama of Istanbul which feels like being in Istanbul. Famous Turkish figures in traditional costumes entertain people as they pass through the Grand Bazaar booths in the street. In 2009, over 30,000 visitors enjoyed the street fest at 41st Street in NYC

Turkish Movie Festival
Date: September 20-21-22, 2010 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Time: 7pm-11pm
Venue: New York Film Academy

The Movie Festival screens contemporary Turkish movies at the New York Film Academy for three consecutive days. Hundreds of Turkish and American people get the opportunity to see and learn what’s happening in the film industry in Turkey. After the movie screening, directors and the actors of the movies are introduced and it is followed by a Question & Answer discussion panels.



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